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Getting Out Wrinkles in Cear Vinyl?

Posted by: shinyskintight

Hello everyone :) Could anyone share some advice on how to get wrinkles in clear vinyl?I had a quick run in with the material today. Needed to get rid of the wrinkles...

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4 Way Stretch PVC Projects

Posted by: shinyskintight

What's up MJT! I've recently began working with 4-way stretch PVC (bought from MJTrends) and wanted to share a few pics and some tips to help others if they plan on...

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adhesive question

Posted by: norio

Hi everyone. I'm petty new to this post. I have a quick question. I got ammonia based adhesive last year from MJT. I did not have time to use it for a while then I start...

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Dry-finish polish for chlorinated latex?

Posted by: JP

I suspect it doesn't exist, but thought I'd ask.Chlorination gives a slick surface that's as well-polished as the factory finish, which is fine for solid colors but...

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Did you know that latex can fade?

Don't leave your latex rubber sheeting lying around just anywhere. Store it out of the sun and away from the elements to keep it in pristine condition. Take note that lighter colored latex is more likely to suffer from exposure to the sun than darker colored rubber.