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PVC Projects

Posted by: shinyskintight

Whats up!!Was going through some pics and found some of the PVC projects I've done over the last year. Just wanted to share with everyone. Hope you enjoy...

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Washing 4-way stretch vinyl

Posted by: scarletonthetile

Last weekend I went to Dragoncon where I wore two costumes made of vinyl which I sweat in PROFUSELY! the fabric smells terrible now and I really need to wash it before...

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Latex scales

Posted by: Andre

I am saving up all mu cut off pieces that is two small for making anything and then I cut circles which I plan on gluing onto a garment to give it a textured look. I...

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Transparent latex shirt

Posted by: Andre

Attached is a picture of a transparent latex shirt from 0.3 transparent latex from MJ with MJ's latex shine. The shine makes it much more

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I want to create a crease in my vinyl, but the fabric is stiff and I'm having trouble - what do I do?

You can create a crease, it just takes patience. Vinyl will crease if you place enough pressure on it long enough.