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New Patent Vinyl Corset

Posted by: shinyskintight

Hey MJTrender's! Just wanted to share a progress pic of my latest creation. An underbust corset I made with Black Patent Vinyl purchased from MJTrends. The edge's are...

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4 way stretch pvc

Posted by: reovase

I'm thinking of using the 4 way stretch pvc for this costume. Is that a good idea?

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Latex sewing

Posted by: dalh2755

Hi there! I have never worked with latex before and I am wondering if I can use a sewing machine to sew the peices together or I have to use the...

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New at this, latex thickness question

Posted by: Sinsual

Hi there, I want to attempt to make myself a latex top.  Ive never worked with latex before. I want it to be tight at the bust and flowy at the hips, a bit like the...

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Weekly Quick Tip

Are you a beginner to the world of working with latex?

Start off with at least .40mm in thickness, as it's easier to work with. Seams will not curl, nor will you encounter as much stretch in the material when you attempt to make a curved seam. Once you have mastered working with thicker guages, then move on to the thinner.