DIY leather scarf

BY admin on December 3, 2014

An easy way to elevate any casual look into a luxe, glam outfit, leather is a prime fabric choice for staying warm during these cold winter months. If you have a few yards left over from past projects, or even a small bit lying around unused, follow some of these three simple DIY tutorials to create your own leather / faux leather scarf!

MyDubio’s DIY tutorial is pared down to four simple steps, who could ask for anything more? Joyce uses a small amount of leather by using the measurements: 85cm x 59cm x 59cm. She begins the tutorial by marking her leather with tailors chalk, and followed by cutting the lines. She chose to spice up her design by adding a pair of studs at the corners.

Make it a customized fit by wrapping the scarf around your neck, knotting the ends and pressing the studs together. Complete the look with a selfie to show off your unique creation! See the tutorial for yourself here:



Kraft & Mint features a detailed tutorial where you can create your own leather infinity scarf, complete with cool studded accents. In short, she measured out a rectangular area of 32 inches by 105 inches tall.

After cutting the leather, she punched small holes with a screw punch to add in a row of six silver studs. Afterwards, she finished the seam by using liquid stitch. The finished product is equally versatile and a beautiful addition to anyone’s closet! View the complete tutorial, with detailed descriptions and photos from Kraft & Mint here:



Lila Lane created a gorgeous leather scarf with her own DIY project. This DIY requires a little more time and effort, including a sewing machine or patience with a needle.

First, she began by using a leather hide with the measurements of about 48” by 36”. After cutting an irregular line across the middle, she measured out a seam allowance and marked with pins along the edge of the fabric. She advises to sew the material slowly, as leather is usually quite thick and may need a loose tension for the stitches.

The final seam looks remarkably professional and polished. If you’re happy with a simple design, you could wear your scarf as is, but Lila Lane decided to take it to the next level with some gold cone studs!

She added the studs by sticking them through the fabric and pushing in the metal clasps to complete the piece. Try it for yourself with this Lila Lane DIY Studded Leather Scarf tutorial.



Written by Jade Nicolette

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Hello! Thank you for featuring my leather scarf and summary of how I made it 😉

May I also add that all the materials, gorgeous leather hyde, tools, studs, fabric glue etc and detailed instructions are for sale in 1 kit at darby smart!

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