DIY Stud Collar Necklace

BY admin on August 20, 2015

Quirky and cute, it’s nigh impossible to go wrong with a peter pan collar, especially when it’s adorned with tons of studs or spikes. The detachable collar craze has burst into a global trend, with street style bloggers and high fashion models wearing the adorable accessory. Add some spice into your wardrobe, and your hobby life, by meshing the two worlds together. Test out this captivating DIY Studded Collar Necklace tutorial from Alison Faulkner of “The Alison Show” fame. Not sure where to begin? Don’t worry, Alison even provides a printable pattern to help you get started.

Assemble the fabric in which you’d like to create your collar from. Alison chose a felt fabric in black, and she placed the printable pattern on top, pinned it down and cut out the frame of her collar using her scissors. Next, using her studs, she spaced them out and arranged them to her liking, making sure to cover the whole collar area. She recommends placing one stud at the middle and one at the top, gently placing them over the fabric, and not pushing them all the way through just yet. This gives you time to play around and experiment with different arrangements. You can even take a picture and compare it to your original inspiration for reference. Leave a little bit of space at the time so you’ll have room to attach the necklace portion of the collar.

Next, use a thin delicate necklace chain and thread it through a hole at the ends. You can adjust to fit around your neck comfortably. Alison even has a few styling tips available on her blog to add visual interest. She recommends wearing the collar with a crew neck top or plain colored sweater to add pique. Other ways to wear it include; layering the studded collars over a turtleneck, under blazers or even other collared blouses.

Want to amp up the volume on things? Instead of felt, try using alternative fabrics like snakeskin or faux leather for a chic twist on this tutorial. It’s always fun to add a pop of color into your wardrobe, no matter the season. Or, you can even experiment with different types of studs, like gold cone spikes, tiger claw, mushroom or hex spikes for a punk-inspired look. You’re probably itching to get started, and we don’t blame you. This charming DIY project is definitely not to be missed. Before you start Googling for supplies, peep through our variety of notions available here at MJ Trends, including spikes and fabric for your collar.

Written by Jade Nicolette

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