DIY Faux Snakeskin Mirror Tutorial

BY admin on September 8, 2015

diy-snakeskin-mirrorGet to work on a modern snakeskin mirror that you can treasure forever. Find inspiration with this easy and fun do it yourself “Faux Snakeskin Mirror Tutorial” by Domestik Goddess and create a unique faux snakeskin border around the edges. On-trend exotic faux animal prints have definitely been on the fashion radar for some time now. Mix things up with your interior decor. Add some spice to a plain white wall by putting up this edgy faux snakeskin mirror.

The creative genius behind Domestik Goddess purchased a pair of chrome picture frames in two sizes and a mirror. We have plenty of faux snakeskin fabric or printed vinyl for you to choose from here at MJTrends.

  1. First, she removed the cardboard back from the large frame and placed the smaller frame on top of it to use a stencil. Then, she traced around the smaller frame and cut out the rectangle that was marked on the cardboard.
  2. Next, she used an Exacto knife to trim out the rectangle you cut out for the larger frame. The end result should have the smaller frame placed inside the hole of the larger frame when the mat is placed back inside.
  3. After that, cover the mat board using the faux snakeskin fabric you’ve purchased.
  4. Then, take the large mat board and add strips of your faux snakeskin fabric. Domestik Goddess folded the corners at a 45-degree angle for a polished look. Another alternative is to cut a mat from one piece, but it’s up to you.
  5. After you fold the fabric down, press down to give it a smooth once-over.
  6. Next, use a little bit of glue to adhere it into place. The next process involves assembling the two pieces together.
  7. Set the mirror on its face and slide the snakeskin mat onto it, sliding the larger frame’s cardboard back in the same way. Use a wire fasten for hanging and you’re all set!

It couldn’t be easier to get the look for less with a DIY project using materials from MJTrends. Go ahead, revel with pride at your chic accomplishment for home space.

Written by Jade Nicolette

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