DIY snakeskin phone case

BY admin on March 3, 2016

When it comes to fashion, certain rules are made to be broken. Treat snakeskin print like a neutral by revamping a well-worn phone case. Blogger behind “My Darling Pencil Skirt” created a simple tutorial to craft one of your own. Ideally, this tutorial will work best with a serger machine, but you could also take the time to sew it by hand.

  1. Assemble your materials: snakeskin print fabric, scissors, a glue stick and a pen.
  2. First, trace an outline of her phone onto the opposite side of the fabric.
  3. Using a pair of scissors, carefully cut out two pieces that were identical in size.
  4. After that, cut out a small piece of fabric used to line the bottom of the case.
  5. Next, use a sewing machine to merge them together at the bottom and sealed the deal with a little glue.
  6. The last step uses the sewing machine to finish the edges along the exterior.

The finished product looks polished and cool, perfect for running meetings or running errands. Use this tutorial as a basic template, and add your own twist by mixing two or three different colors for added contrast. With glitzy new phone models coming out every few months, it makes it even harder to find the perfect case. This time, you won’t have to break the bank, just simply follow this tutorial and add serious edge to a basic phone case by creating a DIY version of your own.

Written by Jade Nicolette

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