Spikes in fashion design

BY admin on February 6, 2017

Hailing from Australia, War Zone Denim is an alternative designer with bold statement pieces that are bound to turn heads. Most of the items are completely wearable works of art, and the store aims to show the appeal of destroyed denim style. Many of the pieces have been torn, sanded, bleached or distressed by the designer.

Cool and totally unique, each item is given a life of its own, continuing to evolve and change shape as it’s worn. The designer uses tools from her husband’s workshop, like a Dremel, sander, and drill to create some of the effects.

For a one of a kind piece, look to the uniquely crafted denim vests from War Zone Denim. Each item is totally unique and has a signature destroyed style. We love the creative use of studded accents, including different colored studs, cone spikes, pyramid studs, and fun arrangements along the edges of the vest.

Eco-friendly, each item is upcycled and created to have an original style. Denim shorts are always a hot trend for warmer wear, and these tough cutoffs are ready to rock. Get inspired to create a pair of silver spiked denim shorts for yourself. You can even try distressing techniques for yourself by using safety pins or an Exacto knife.

For a Mad Max type of vibe, try out a knit top with dark silver cone spikes around the neckline. Punk-inspired details like safety pins and ripped holes are fresh ways to add some personality to your look. If you’re ready to rock, mix leather and short silver spikes for a look that’s perfect for a punk rock princess.

A black leather mini skirt looks chic on by itself, but when covered in rows of hematite spikes, it’s totally on trend. Create your own version of the look by adding in rows of spikes. You can create a pattern to arrange the spikes, like a triangle shape or alternating rows, for added intrigue.

Kids love to express their personality with their fashion. Try bleaching a denim shirt and adding some studs or spikes for a cool look. For a family-friendly project, buy some fabric paint and go to town on a pair of overalls. You can even help your child pick out a few studded accents to add a personal touch. If you love everything about distressed, one of a kind fashion, you’ll have to stop by War Zone Denim on Etsy.

Written by Jade Nicolette

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