Tips for sewing vinyl fabric

BY admin on February 4, 2017

If you’re just getting your feet wet into the world of sewing and DIY projects, we’re here to help. Here’s four quick tips for sewing vinyl for newbies, provided by Lindsay Fullington.
  1. First, try and use a size 90 needle. For her video, she presented an example of Universal Klasse needles in size 90/14.
  2. For her second tip, Lindsay explained more about smooth sewing. To achieve this style, she recommends using a teflon foot or adhere tape to your regular presser foot on your sewing machine. A teflon foot is a great method to use on your sewing machine because it has non-stick properties. The teflon foot is also acceptable for use with leather, vinyl and suede fabrics.
  3. Her third tip is super important, try not to use pins directly onto the fabric. When you use pins, you risk damaging the fabric irreversibly and it can lead to significant damage to the finalized product. Instead, try using an alternative method like Wondertape instead. The advantage to using Wonder Tape is that the material has a double sided adhesive. You can sew the fabric easily without messing up your needle.
  4. Lastly, Lindsay suggests using tissue paper while sewing. The paper will help guide the vinyl fabric, and also create an effortless glide through the sewing machine. Remember to tear away the tissue paper after stitching. For more information about sewing vinyl fabric, be sure to check out our video tutorials:

    Written by Jade Nicolette

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