Top Latex and Vinyl Cosplay

BY admin on April 15, 2017

When it comes to cosplay, chances are you’ve never seen Super Mario quite like this before. Incorporating latex and vinyl into your cosplay creations is a unique way to stand out from the crowd. Get inspired by these latex and vinyl cosplay looks below.

Create a Batgirl costume by using black latex fabric. Get creative by opting for a chic corset for added waist definition. Remember to finish your look by adding the iconic bat symbol on the center. Disney’s imagined version of Tron was a sci-fi hit, and you’ll turn heads with a bold Tron-inspired cosplay. One cosplay diva created a gorgeous look including black vinyl fabric and holographic trim.

For a fresh twist on a classic character, get some serious fashion inspo from this Psylocke cosplay. Featuring a fitted bodysuit, over the elbow sleeves and sultry garters, this is one look that’s not for the faint of heart.

If you’re all about Supergirl, opt for a latex inspired version of the iconic heroine. One cosplay queen incorporated latex from head to toe, by creating a long sleeved top, chic mini skirt and cute cape to finish. For styling ideas, opt for blue eyeshadow and mesmerizing fishnets for a bold finish.

Head to a galaxy far, far, away with a bold Star Wars inspired cosplay. Everyone’s seen Stormtrooper armor before, but you’ll command attention by stepping out with a bold latex dress. Recreate your own version of this Stormtrooper cosplay by using white and black latex fabric.

Bonus points if you create a droid-inspired look, just like R2-D2, by using blue, silver and white latex fabric. For a look that’s totally edgy in the best possible way, level up your cosplay game with a latex Super Mario costume.

For this cosplay, you’ll need to get creative and incorporate colorful latex fabric in shades like red, blue and yellow. Now is the best time to upgrade your cosplay lineup by using some latex and vinyl fabric for your imaginative creations.

Written by Jade Nicolette

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