DIY Faux Leather Circle Skirt

BY admin on May 13, 2017

If you’ve thought about buying a faux leather skirt at retail price, forget about it! You’ll save so much by creating one of your own. YouTube video blogger “A Woman of Gold” created a super simple DIY tutorial to create your very own faux leather circle skirt.

Get started by taking your measurements at the waist. You’ll need to create a pattern for the skirt based on these measurements, so don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends or family.

Use a marker or a dark pen to create a corner of the pattern, then cut it out with a pair of scissors. You’ll need to trace out the pattern directly onto the pattern in order to make the waist section.

Follow the instructions in the video and you’ll be all set to twirl in a super cute faux leather circle skirt. If you’d like to make adjustments on the length, be sure to check out her tutorial video for more details. You can add extra fabric towards the bottom to make a more elegant look.

To finish the skirt, you’ll need to create a waistband. The finished product looks oh so chic! Opt for a pair of flirty heels and a cropped top for extra style points.

For more ways to wear it, try tucking in a collared blouse and a pair of ankle booties for a perfect transitional look. Or, you could always throw on a knit sweater or a printed top with a funny slogan for a quirky touch. You’ll look elegant and sophisticated with a long sleeved top, no matter if it’s a scoopneck style or a v-neck.

A faux leather circle skirt is such a wardrobe staple. Before you get started, be sure to check out our selection of faux leather fabric, available for sale here at MJTrends!

Written by Jade Nicolette

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