Katy Perry in Vinyl for Chained to the Rhythm Video

BY admin on May 1, 2017

Pop sensation Katy Perry is known for her unique taste in fashion, and she isn’t afraid to show it. In her “Chained to the Rhythm” music video, Perry takes viewers on a wild ride. In addition to the avant garde fashion choices, the music video also notably features Bob Marley’s grandson, Skip Marley. Directed by Matthew Hullen, the video focuses on Katy Perry at an amusement park called Oblivia.

To create the saccharine sweet looks, fashion stylist and costume designer B. Akerlund worked as a stylist for the video. B. Akerlund also worked magic with music videos like “Hold Up” for Beyonce and “MILF” for Fergie. For “Chained to the Rhythm”, the designer’s inspiration included making creations for Katy Perry as a “futuristic Marilyn Monroe”. Out of the entire video, we’d have to say, one of the biggest stand out pieces is a show-stopping latex number.

With a retro inspired touch, the video creates an interesting blend of nostalgia and modernism. Katy smolders in various latex and vinyl looks, including a chic futuristic piece with a clear vinyl hood. With a bold design, Katy looks ultra sleek in a latex catsuit.

Featuring a mockneck style, the reflective sheen of the fabric creates a theatrical effect. Perry glowed in the video, complete with soft platinum blonde waves, thick arched brows and pink eyeshadow. “For the last look, that was another custom piece I did with Christopher Bu. She’s wearing a Latex catsuit under it. Originally there was only one look allocated for the video, but I was like, “Oh, no way.”

I usually like to create a formula when I’m working, and for this world, it was very pastel and plastic. I just felt like that instantly took you to the future. I was referring back to the ’50s a bit, too, because it was so stylized. Every piece of fabric had a sheen or plastic on it.” B. Akerlund said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter about the piece.

“I feel like her whole purpose for this video was to open people’s eyes to how we’re all chained to this rhythm — our life, social media and what other people think. I worked with a lot of restriction within the costumes. You can’t see it, but there’s a lot of hard bodices.” B. Akerlund added.

“I was trying to restrict the talent because that was the reality. We don’t live a perfect world and we have a lot of restrictions. I tried to use that in my styling to reflect the tone of the video. A lot of people were not comfortable, but I said, “Look, this is what we gotta do.”

Written by Jade Nicolette

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