Halloween DIY Batgirl from 4-way stretch vinyl

BY admin on October 8, 2017

Show off your style with a fun DIY Batgirl costume, just in time for Halloween! The holiday is right around the corner, so now is the best time to get started on your fresh new look. Get started by gathering your materials, beginning with your latex fabric. For this project, Gianny opted for black 4-way stretch vinyl fabric. Before you begin, you’ll need to get your measurements.

  1. Wrap the fabric around your body, and use push pins to pin the fabric and mark your precise measurements.
  2. Place the fabric down, and then use a pair of scissors to cut the fabric in two halves.
  3. Gently place the fabric on your body again, and use pins to mark more precise measurements around the bust and hip. Then, lay the fabric flat and use a piece of fabric chalk to outline your pattern directly onto the fabric.
  4. Use scissors to cut the fabric along the pattern lines.
  5. After both halves are cut, you’ll want to begin sewing them together. Be sure to work slowly and carefully to avoid any accidental snags or mistakes. Sew along the lines of the pattern, and you’ll be ready to begin the finishing steps.
  6. Next, you’ll want to create a curved hemline for the bottom half of the dress. Mark the fabric directly with chalk, and then use the scissors to cut out the excess fabric.
  7. Sew the fabric and create a finished hem to complete your dress.
  8. Moving on to the next step, you’ll want to create a pair of arm bracers. Wrap the fabric around one arm, and use pins to adhere the fabric in place. Make sure to add a slight seam allowance to ensure a proper fit.
  9. Add a Bat logo for the center of your costume. Use a premade pattern online, or draw the logo onto a piece of paper. Cut out the logo, and then trace the paper onto the yellow fabric. Cut out the logo and adhere onto the center of the bust.
  10. Create an eye mask by using chalk to create a shape for the mask. Cut out the pattern and you’ll be all set to go! Use any remaining fabric to tie around your shoulders for an alluring cape.

For an added sense of glam, style with a matching yellow belt to keep things looking cool and fresh. Heed the Bat signal and get ready for action with this fun Halloween look.  We have all the supplies you need from faux leather, zippers, sewing thread, presser feet, and needles for sewing vinyl fabric.


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