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BY admin on December 6, 2017

New 80s retro shorts sewing pattern

New 80s retro shorts sewing pattern

Many of you had asked us when we would be adding new sewing patterns to MJTrends. Our sister company launched a few months ago and we are collaborating with ModaMake to bring new patterns to MJTrends.

Our first new pattern via ModaMake is a women’s 80’s gym shorts with an accompanying tutorial here:,Retro-gym-short-tutorial. We made the shorts using pink and white vinyl fabric and they would be perfect for Cosplay, a Barbie party or costume, or for using at the gym with whatever fabrics you prefer.  The pattern is available here:

Like our other patterns, you can choose from standard sizing, or you can input your own measurements and receive a sewing pattern that is custom for you.

You can order via MJTrends and combine on shipping if you need other supplies, or you can order patterns directly on ModaMake.  Another feature of their platform is that you can clone patterns and put your own spin on it.  There is a design tool where you can edit existing patterns or create your own.

You can expect us to continue adding new sewing patterns to our site now that ModaMake is up and running.  Our short list includes more women’s bodysuits, dresses, and catsuits for both men and women.  We’d love to hear from you if you have a special request that you would like us to create.  Post your preferences in the comments section or send us an email:




David – we do not have a maid outfit pattern, however, we have noted your request. We will be adding more patterns and releasing them on a monthly basis. Please note that ModaMake does allow you to create your own sewing patterns with the design tool located at:

D van baardwijk

Where can I find the paterns (drawings) for making the latex high end maid