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BY admin on November 9, 2018

Wondering about working with our clear vinyl material for making fashions?  TopShop has made waves with their various clear vinyl clothing that has been selling like hot cakes.  Popular blogger and expert on all things pop culture, Safiya Nygaard, picks out a pair to test drive for a week.


Social media posts revolving around the offering of TopShops clear plastic jeans were quite controversial with statements such as “[this is] the end of pants…”, “Someone please explain the meaning of clear pants”, “What the #*&@ are those”.  Safiya herself stated that she didn’t understand why anyone other than a runway model or a fly fisherman would need clear plastic pants, but she set out to find out what the buzz was about by purchasing a pair and wearing them for a week.

Her first conclusion after putting them on is that they make a lot of noise while walking.  The noise also alerted passerby’s to the fact that she was wearing plastic pants, and she got a lot of looks as well as some positive responses by other girls including an enthusiastic “Whoa, sick pants!”.

The next day she wore them out for a date night.  On the positive side the pants reflect street lights and create a cool look while also perfectly deflecting any spilled liquids.  On the negative side, Safiya did get some “fogging” inside the pants where perspiration buildup condensed on the plastic.

For her third day, Safiya wore leggings underneath the plastic pants and found them to be the most comfortable in this configuration.  A middle aged woman commented that she loved the look and it reminded her of plastic fashions from the 1960’s.  The 60’s trend included plastic clothing, both opaque and translucent, and it came from the public’s interest in NASA and the space program.

At the time there was a space race between the U.S and Russia as both countries were trying to out-best each other with better technology, rockets, and manned trips to the moon.  Space travel and visions of the future were popular topics in the media including newspapers, posters, movies, and books.  Do you remember the Jetsons?  How about Bewitched?


Safiya also found an example of clear plastic being worn by a South Korean pop star in the 1990’s.  JYP worn the pants as a statement of rebellion and found himself banned from appearing on television for a short time for wearing them.

Regardless, Safiya had grown to like the pants while wearing an interest piece underneath them and by the end of the week decided to wear them to a publicity event where she sat on a panel and later interacted with followers of her blog.  On day six she wore the pants to the pool, and other than the strange feeling that Safiya said it gave her while swimming in the pool, she received positive feedback from observers of her plastic pants.

Her major grievance of wearing plastic pants for a week wasn’t with the material or responses from others, but the fact that TopShop put a care tag on the inside of the pants.  Not only was it ridiculous because the pants were see-through and it affected the aesthetic of the pants, but it also interfered with potential tan lines from wearing the pants out in the sun.

If you enjoyed watching Safiya, you can checkout her YouTube channel at:

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