Stretch Vinyl: More Colors

BY admin on November 5, 2018

We recently added new stock of 4-way stretch vinyl with matching backing.  The new colors are as follows:

  1. Jade Green / Nurse Scrub Green
  2. Grey
  3. Tan / Khaki
  4. Rust
  5. Orange
  6. Lavendar
  7. Sky Blue
  8. Chocolate Brown

All of the new colors have the same color backing as the shiny vinyl side of the fabric.  There is slightly greater stretch with our new stock than our previous 4-way stretch vinyl.

The Jade Green color is perfect for nurse scrubs or other hospital inspired Cosplay or Fetish designs.  The Lavendar and Tan colors were inspired by some of the hugely popular vinyl dresses that have been swirling around the internet by sites like Oh Polly and others.

Grey, Orange, and Sky blue were all colors that we stock in other materials and were at the top of our customer request list.  Remember – the squeaky wheel gets the grease, if there is a color you would like us to stock be sure to email us and fill out our customer surveys that go out after orders.

Chocolate brown and Rust are two of the most popular up and coming colors that we are betting will continue to gain in popularity.  Plus, you can’t beat that autumn colored dress that one of the Kardashians wore.


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