DIY Balenciaga Boots

BY admin on March 8, 2019

We’ve seen several tutorials on the internet and Youtube that show how to make cosplay boots, thigh-high boots, etc, and honestly we’ve always been a bit underwelmed.

The material never integrates with the shoe or boot all that well, and it tends to look amature and home-made. Complain no more! Whitney Lu created one of the sickest looking pair of DIY Balengencia legging boots that we have ever seen. Oh, and she models it like a runway model.

Check out her boots as well as how she made it at Whitney’s YouTube Channel:

The key is how she takes apart the shoe and attaches the fabric around it. While other tutorials typically try to mold the fabric around a high heel or boot, Whitney actually rips the shoes into pieces in order to get the best integration with the fabric.

Legging Boots

She shows you would to pin the material to the upper part of the shoe, and then re-attach the lower part of the shoe back. A critical step in making the finished product look showroom bought.

Legging boots are awesome because who likes to see those unsightly lines that are created when the shoe / boot / heel transitions to a legging. We wonder what’s next? Catsuit boots? Oh definitely!

BTW – we’ll be coming out with a women’s’ custom-fit catsuit sewing pattern within the next couple months. Be sure to check in with us to find out when it goes live! And if that’s not your thing, email your ideas for what you’d like to make and we’ll create a custom-fit sewing pattern from your drawings, pictures, or descriptions – at no cost!

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