Custom-fit Pattern updates

BY admin on April 1, 2019

We have recently added a few new custom-fit sewing patterns:

  • Short cape
  • Arm bracer
  • Matrix Persephone outfit

The arm-bracer is a great addition to your Renaissance Faire attire, or if you are a hardcore archer and have some extra leather lying around. Our pattern will work with both faux leather and real leather hide. BTW – check back with us by mid-summer as we are working to bring you cow, goat, and sheep hides.

Custom-fit arm bracer sewing pattern

We love the short cape design, and could totally see it as a sexy add-on for your latex or vinyl clubwear. It’s a quick and easy pattern if you are just getting started making your own apparel. And, since it’s custom to your measurements, you can extend it longer if you wanted more coverage.

Custom fit two-button cape

The Matrix-inspired Persephone jacket and dress is a pattern that we are very proud of for multiple reasons. #1 – it was technically challenging to design the jacket, as it has lots of seams and different parts. #2 – this has been a design that we have wanted to do ever since the Matrix came out way back in the early 2000’s. Thank you to our loyal customer who made the request – we needed a good excuse to make this one!

Custom fit Persephone jacket and dress

A few other things to note: the men’s catsuit has been marked down almost 1/2 off. Go and make yourself one before the price goes back up! Also, below is a list of a few patterns we are excited to work on that are in the current queue and were requested by you:

  • Starfire cosplay outfit
  • Cheongsam dress
  • Star Trek inspired catsuit
  • Retro wide collared trench coat tailored for latex

If you have a pattern that you would like us to make, you can still submit your requests and we are providing this service free of charge. Just send us an email to: with the subject line of “Design this pattern” with pictures or descriptions of what you would like.

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