Custom-fit leggings sewing pattern

BY admin on July 29, 2019

Don’t let this happen to you: the woman in the video below tries to squeeze her way into a pair of stretch vinyl leggings, only to have them rip once she gets them on and bends down.

It’s obvious that the leggings were too small, but unless your the 10% of the population that fits perfect into off-the-rack clothing you’re not going to get that body-hugging amazing shape.

You can use MJTrends 4-way stretch vinyl and our custom-fit leggings sewing pattern to achieve a fit that is the perfect shape across your rear, thighs, knees, calf, and ankle. The pattern is created from the measurements that you input.

Our leggings pattern is also customized to the type of fabric that you select. Avoid wasting your money on clothing made for a generic body and make your own leggings from a custom-fit sewing pattern, ensuring a fit that others will be jealous of!

Custom-fit leggings sewing pattern

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