New Iridescent vinyl & Faux Leather

BY admin on December 30, 2019

We have added several new fabrics over the last couple weeks as well as restocked some of our most popular items that had run low. Below is a list of everything that has been stocked with two stars “**” indicating new items:

Black patent vinyl has a high-gloss finish just like our 2-way stretch PVC fabric and 4-way stretch vinyl. Patent vinyl is different from the stretch vinyls in that it is thicker and has a tiny amount of horizontal stretch across the material.

We recommend patent vinyl for aprons, jeans, jackets, chair covers, and corsets. You can also use it for fashions where you want a stiffer drape and little to no stretch, such as with more formal dresses or tops that require more structure.

Two-way stretch PVC sounds exactly like the description – it stretches left to right across the material, but it has no stretch in the other direction. We had almost run out of this material and we have restocked it and lowered the price.

You’ll find MJTrends 2-way stretch vinyl to be the softest and highest quality compared to other vendors, however, our premium vinyl fabric is the 4-way stretch, which is even softer to the touch and has increased stretch capabilities as compared to the 2-way stretch material.

We recommend our 2-way stretch vinyl coated fabric, which is simply labeled as “PVC Fabric” on our website, for when you don’t need to spend the extra money for the premium four-way stretch vinyl. Capes, A-line skirts, and other fashions or costumes that won’t benefit from a 4-way stretch are great uses for our PVC fabric.

Four-way stretch matte vinyl, also known as pleather or faux leather, is the penultimate material for making leggings. We had completely run out of this material in black, and we have restocked it along with 4 new colors: sedona, burgundy, sandstone, and gun metal.

The fabric has excellent stretch and drapes quite easily. It is also embossed with a leather texture (embossed means the details can be felt on the fabrics surface). Embossing the fabric gives it a look that is identical to leather.

This material goes by a host of different names including the following: matte vinyl, faux leather, veggie leather, imitation leather, pleather, stretch leather, and p/u leather. Regardless of what you call it, you can use the fabric for leggings, dresses, catsuits, leotards, leggings, lingerie, and cosplay costumes.

Iridescent four-way stretch vinyl is another new addition to our popular lineup for high-stretch glossy polyurethane coated fabric. You’ll find that the stretch characteristics are slightly different from our non-iridescent 4-way stretch vinyl, as we worked with a different mill who specialized in iridescent coatings to produce this material.

Nonetheless, the iridescent stretch pvc has excellent stretch and feels soft to the touch just like our existing stock. The biggest difference is that the iridescent coating creates a rainbow-like effect when light reflects off the surface of the material.

We do our best to capture the effect in our images, but you really have to see just how amazing and awesome the iridescent reflection is in real life. Swatches are available if you would like a sample prior to ordering a full yard of fabric.

You could use this material for leggings, bodysuits, leotards, dance wear, club wear, or Cosplay costumes.

We’d love to hear from you if you have suggestions or recommendations of other fabrics, notions, or supplies that you would like for us to carry. Email us at:

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