MJTrends not impacted by covid-19

BY admin on March 25, 2020

We are shipping on schedule and we are thankful for your orders. MJTrends has not been impacted by the covid-19 virus.

Last week we began receiving a trickle of emails and phone calls asking if shipments would be delayed and if we were still open in light of the covid-19 virus. This week we are receiving more and more questions and we wanted to let you know that we are open and shipping on schedule.

The majority of our team works remote, and those of us who work in our Virginia warehouse to fill your orders are taking the necessary precautions of social-distancing, hand-washing, and wiping down shared surfaces like door handles.

These are strange times and as a small business we need your continued support to survive. If there is a silver lining to what’s happening it is communities coming together and supporting each other. In our own community we are supporting our older population with grocery delivery and check-ins.

We hear from many of you that you are working on projects to help pass the time and we are here to support you and appreciate your business. Stay healthy and sane!

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