Latex Appliques

BY admin on June 25, 2020

We are excited to announce our latest update – laser cut appliques! We have initially released 40 different designs centered around categories like cosplay, kawaii, spiritual, historical, etc.

You can find comic book hero logo’s and appliques, unicorns, coat of arms, and geometric shapes that you can use to enhance your designs. Select the color and gauge of latex sheeting that you prefer.

The size of the designs is based on height, so a “12” inch size would be 12 inches tall. We are offering the designs in up to 4 different sizes, 12 inch, 9 inch, 6 inch, and 3 inches tall and you can find the corresponding width in the “features” section of the product page.

We provide the width for the largest size applique offered and you can figure out the other sizes based on the aspect ratio. For example, if a 12 inch size is 8 inches wide, then the 9 inch size would be 9 inches tall by 6 inches wide (9*8/12).

If you have specific designs for either our latex appliques or our latex lace, be sure to email them to us at There would be a cost associated with an exclusive (meaning you don’t want us to sell the design on our website) and that would be based on an hourly rate of $65 per hour for design. If it’s not an exclusive, then there would be no design fee.

Feel free to send us general ideas as well. EG: more comic book logos or more geometric style designs. We are planning to add another batch of designs with a significant focus on military, kawaii, and pop culture references.

We have priced the appliques similar to how we priced the latex lace, where additional purchases are marked down significantly. The reason we have chosen to price them this way is because the largest cost associated with creating either latex lace or appliques is labor.

We have put some of our designs in the clearance section to allow users to try out pre-cut designs at about 50% the cost of retail. Also, we’d love to hear from you if you would prefer a lower cost in exchange for us not removing the sap after the cutting process.

If you haven’t already, then checkout our video on how the latex gets cut:

The largest amount of work for us centers around removing the sap that is produced during the cutting process. One way for us to lower the cost of the appliques and lace is to skip the process of removing the sap by placing the items on kraft paper and allowing you to roll the material once you receive it to remove sap.

Currently we will press the cut lace 5-7 times on craft paper prior to packaging and shipping it and this removes 90% of the stickiness.

You can expect 5-10 new latex lace designs coming up within the next month, and another 30-40 appliques by the end of August. Email us to let us know what you would like! Furthermore, we will be adding full sheet laser etched designs sometime in the fall.

We are still working out the kinks on the process, but once we have it ready you can expect laser-etched latex sold by the yard with designs like 1-inch skulls, pinstripes, jacquard, brocades, tribal, paisley, and more. Laser etchings create a matte look where the material is etched with a more subtle effect than a contrasting color or print.

Eventually we hope to offer a DIY design option via the website for you to make your own lace, applique, or full sheet of cut or etched latex, however, we have not begun working on this feature and we do not expect to begin until 2021.

Everything we do is centered around your feedback, so let us know what you would like most and we will prioritize our work around your requests!

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