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BY admin on July 2, 2020

Leather Hides
Leathers are made of the skins of animals including goat, cattle, sheep and pigskins. Even though there’s a great variety of skin types, a leather can normally be put in one of 3 categories : aniline, semi-aniline, and pigmented.

The type you choose depends upon the look you want, the product and the use that the product receives. Aniline leather is much the most natural looking, having natural coating visible, but is not as resistant to soiling. Semi-aniline leather is somewhere in between the two aspects, having a light coating. Pigmented leather is the most durable, but is less natural in appearance, using a polymer coating.

A surface coating can be applied to leather hides to improve its appearance and offer protection against soiling and spillages. Pigmented Leather is the most resistant and is utilized in the majority of industries from furniture upholstery and virtually all car upholstery. The durability is supplied by a polymer surface coating that contains pigments.

The surface coating allows the manufacturer greater control over the properties from the leather, e.g. resistance to scuffing or fading. The thickness of the coating can differ, but if the mean thickness is much more than 0.15mm then the product cannot be sold as leather in the UK due to consumer protection legislation. 

Full grain pigmented leather grain surface is left intact prior to applying the surface coating. Corrected grain pigmented leather grain coating is much abraded (to scrape or wear away by friction) to remove imperfections before the coating is applied. A decorative grain pattern can then be embossed in the surface.

Split or Genuine leather usually has an artificial layer applied to the surface and is embossed with a leather grain (bycast leather). Finished split leather should only be utilized in low stress applications because they’re weaker than grain leather.

Antique grain: A special surface impact has been created to imitate the distinctive worn appearance of traditional leathers. This is achieved by employing a contrasting top coat that is applied irregularly or partially rubbed off to uncover a paler underlying colour.

Pull-up leather: A leather with a natural-looking skin that lightens in color when stretched during wear to produce a distinctive worn-in effect with time. Nubuck: Aniline dyed leather that has been slightly abraded on the grain coating to create a velvety finish or nap.

MJTrends offers 4 types of leather hides: goat skin, lambskin, and cow hides in two types, a standard and an extra soft. Each of these hides has their own unique qualities and can be used within fashion, cosplay, and costuming.

If you have specific questions about which one to use for your project then please reach out to us at We love to help and also hear more what you are working on!

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