Restocks and new items

BY admin on September 18, 2020

We are excited to bring you some new items as well as restocks of favorites that we had run out of. Below is a list of recent items that we have added or updated:

New and restocked latex rubber sheeting is as follows:

The rotary cutters that are listed above we buy in bulk and are able to pass a great value on to you. These are the rotary cutters that we use on a daily basis, and if you are open to using a no-name brand these are excellent rotary cutters. The grip is softer than some of the other brands that we carry and the blades are every bit as good.

Are you wondering what style of rotary cutter to get? The handles are a matter of personal preference and what feels best to you. In regards to size, the 18mm blades work best for intricate details, but you wouldn’t want to use them for long straight cuts as it will be harder to hold a straight line.

The 28mm rotary cutters are also good for small cuts, but won’t be quite as accurate as the 18mm if you are working on very small details. However, the 28mm will allow for easier straight cuts, so if you have to buy just one pair, these might be a good choice.

45mm rotary cutters are our most popular size, and this is what most people purchase who are just starting off. You wouldn’t want to cut small details with a 45mm, but if you are cutting our simple patterns and basics, then these are perfect.

The largest size that we offer is the 60mm, and these are mainly for quilting and cutting thick materials like our quilted faux leather, or if you are performing a lot of long straight cuts – as these will provide the greatest stability and speed for lots of long straight lines.

Our garters are nylon coated to ensure compatibility with latex sheeting. These will not discolor your transparent or lighter colored latex.

If you’re making lingerie or feminine designs, then you must get a handful of our red garter clips! Also, if there is a color that you would like us to carry – please email us at Your requests are what drives our purchases and we love to hear from you. Other color options we’ve considered are pastel blue, violet, and hot pink.

The cutting mats that we have restocked come in two different options: premium or standard. The premium cutting mats have 5 layers instead of 3. The additional layers will prolong the life of your cutting mat and will also help with slowing down the dulling of your rotary cutter blades.

Lastly, we’ve restocked some of our bra wire that had sold out and also added a couple new designs: the short U and long U bra wire. These are for our more advanced crafters who are making amazing dresses, bra’s, and lingerie.

We also had a few customers inquire into custom latex appliques. While we do plan to add a capability onto the website whereby you can upload your own designs, for now you can email us ( your custom work in SVG format and we’ll let you know if we are able to cut it for you.

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