Custom-fit sewing / latex patterns

BY admin on February 10, 2021

We will not be able to offer our custom fit sewing patterns for the remainder of this year. We apologize to all our loyal customers who loved this service, however, we are finding ourselves overloaded at present moment and are unable to continue offering these until our software has been updated.

The current process is overly labor intensive and we must shift our resources to order fulfillment of our textiles and sewing notions. This is not to say that we won’t offer custom fit patterns in the future, however, due to the increasing demand on our time and limited resources we simply cannot continue until our process has been fixed.

We had started working on updating the pattern generation software last year and it’s been challenging to complete. Other priorities have taking precedence and we are now working to clear a backlog of work that includes updates to the website, our warehouse, etc.

We will continue to post updates to our blog as we progress, so be sure to subscribe our check back with us. Currently it will be the end of 2021 at the earliest or 2022 before we expect to have the custom-fit pattern service running again.



Hi Samantha. We are probably 6 months away from being able to work on the custom pattern software, so at this point I wouldn’t expect it prior to 2023. I apologize for the long delay, but we are understaffed and still have a backlog of other work that takes priority.

Samantha Packer

Hey there, when will the custom patterns option be up?