Latex milk / adhesive restock

BY admin on February 19, 2021

Our ammonia based latex adhesive was out of stock for the last few months as our supply was disrupted by bad weather, Covid, and a myriad of other issues. The adhesive is now back in stock.

Some customers, especially outside of the U.S., refer to our ammonia based latex glue as “latex milk”. The color of the glue is white and dries clear, hence the name latex milk.

The price has gone up a little bit as it’s been 5 years since we last adjusted prices and due to bad weather conditions the raw cost of the core materials have increased. We do not anticipate those prices decreasing in the future.

MJTrends offers two different kinds of latex glue – the ammonia based adhesive and a solvent based adhesive. The differences between the two types are that the solvent based is flammable and puts off stronger fumes. The solvent based will also cause latex to curl. If you are a beginner to working with latex this can cause a lot of headaches. The curling of latex sheeting also makes it hard to work with very thin gauges, as the material can curl all the way around into a complete circle and stick to itself.

The way to avoid this problem is to either use the ammonia based glue which will not cause curling, or a double sided tape that you can apply to your seam edge to add a degree of stiffness that prevents the latex from curling.

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