Clearance fabrics updated

BY admin on January 21, 2022

We have recently updated our clearance fabrics. Our clearance fabrics are one-time only deals that are marked down significantly below retail (and even wholesale in many cases). These are items that were customer returns, end of roll yardage, or have minor defects that are detailed in the product description.

Once a clearance fabrics is sold it is gone forever, so get an amazing deal at the start of year to set things off on the right foot!

Additionally, we have also restocked our grab bags and will be offering these weekly until we sell out of all our vinyl, snakeskin, and latex sheeting that is not suitable for individual sale. What is a grab bag you ask? It’s approximately 7 yards of either latex for the latex grab bag, or vinyl / metallic spandex / snakeskin / faux leather for the vinyl grab bag where the material is a few inches short of a yard or has some other reason that makes it not ideal to list on it’s own. You’ll get a mix of different colors and thicknesses of latex, or a variety of vinyl fabrics in the vinyl grab bag.

Grab bags are excellent for practicing, creating smaller items like lingerie, swimsuits, gloves, gun holsters, doll apparel, etc. You can also use the different colors to create patchwork like items such as hackey sacks or a Mondrian style dress.

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