Colors for super hero costumes

BY admin on January 19, 2022

It’s the new year and we’ve all set our costuming goals for 2022 right?  Are you itching to create a super hero costume?  Worried about getting the colors right?  We’ve got you covered with an awesome chart that will dispel the color codes behind your favorite characters.

It’s tough to make sure you are creating an accurate representation of your favorite character, and lots of them have had color modifications to their costumes over the years.  Look at Batman, back in the 1960’s his costume was grey, yellow, and deep metallic purple.  In the 1990’s Batman was black and yellow and fast forward to today and it’s primarily black with touches of metallic bronze.

Pantone is the color standard within the world of textiles and other industries so we’ll provide you with the Pantone color codes of all your favorite super heros costumes.  If you need to convert the Pantone color code to Hex, RGB, or some other standard, you find online tools to do so here:

We are constantly researching and adding both new fabrics and new colors to our existing lineup of fabrics and we would love to hear from you. Is there something that you’re looking for that you can’t find? Either drop us a line below or email your request to

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