Nange Magro latex designer

BY admin on January 26, 2022

Nange Magro is a designer of latex fashions that we follow closely.  She is part Italian and Japanese which according to her has led to a synthesis of the more formal and serious Italian fashion merging with the more costume oriented side of Japanese fashion.

Her creativity is evident in her designs and it’s a carousel of fun to peruse her designs which you can find at both her instagram account: and her website:

Constantly popping up in the media either by celebrities wearing her designs, or by participating in music videos or photography shoots herself, you can find Nange’s work published in Vogue, Harper’s Bizarre, on the BBC, and elsewhere.

What we love about Nange is her self-deprecating sytle – despite the fame and accolades, Nange has this down-to-earth quality that makes her seem approachable and easy going.  Despite the talent and dedication to the craft, Nange never takes herself or her work too seriously.

Furthermore, she has a quest to follow creative pursuits and partners with amazing photographers to generate eye candy that will keep you coming back for more.  Whether it’s your goal to save up to buy one of Nange’s exquisite designs, or you just enjoy following her for inspiration, we can’t recommend her enough.

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