Kill Corona virus on leather fabrics

BY admin on February 3, 2022

We started working on this article a year ago and put it on hold because we thought the vaccines were out and within a few months everything would be under control and the article would no longer be timely. Alas, if only that were true. At this point we are almost two years into the Corona virus and it looks like it will be with us for some time.

Porous surfaces tend to kill virus’s quicker than non-porous surfaces, so you’re metal door handles, laminate or granite counter tops, plastics, and even fabrics can harbor viral material. You can easy wipe down a counter top, but what do you do about your clothing – especially materials that are not easily laundered by traditional means?

Many disinfectants and other chemicals are too harsh to use on leather. While bleach and hydrogen peroxide are very effective at killing the virus, you should NEVER use these on leather or vinyl fabrics as it will damage the material.

Alcohol with at least 70% alcohol solution are effective against killing the corona virus but are they safe? Most leathers and imitation leathers have urethane coatings for protection, which is safe to clean with alcohol. But over time, cleaning leather with alcohol can leave it susceptible to damage and discoloration and ultimately we do not recommend it.

So what can you use? Vigorous washing with soap and water will destroy the corona virus. The virus’ are surrounded by a protective envelope that helps them to infect other cells, and destroying that envelope will cause them to die and render the virus ineffective. Soap and water is safe for leather and vinyl, but be careful not to scrub too hard. If the leather has been dyed, then scrubbing too hard could remove the die.

Sometimes well intention-ed people will think that a light colored leather is dirty because the tone is getting darker and they will scrub it vigorously only to find that it continues to darken. Essentially they are removing the dye that was responsible for the lighter hue of the leather.

The best way to clean leather is with a small amount of water and detergent and lightly scrub the material. Micro fiber clothes are helpful to ensure that the rubbing is not too rough. Also, micro fiber material consists of tiny little loops that capture and sweep away dirt and dust particles before they can scratch delicate or shiny plastic surfaces. If using a liquid detergent try to find one that has no color additives and is 100% clear.

Lastly, corona virus is primarily transmitted via air particles and your hands. We recommend that you spot clean your leather and vinyl fabrics when needed and focus on keeping your hands clean and following CDC guidelines for preventing airborne transmission.

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