Latex sheeting restock

BY admin on April 29, 2022

We have restocked our latex sheeting this past week. We had run low and completely out of certain colors and you will now find that they have been updated.

Summer is a great time to experiment with working with latex and perfect your craft prior to the fall when everyone gets busy working on projects for Halloween, parties, and Christmas.

Another thing to keep in mind is that prices are increasing. Inflation is set to go up at record amounts and the fabric industry is not immune from the cost of goods going up. We’ve had to make our first price increase in five years with this past shipment and despite the rising costs we absorbed some of those increases, but we can’t do that forever.

It is our expectation that prices will continue to rise, so again, stock up now as we will most likely see no less than two more price increases this year. Another problem that we are facing is labor shortages and exploding labor costs.

Our staff has shrunk to 1/3 the size it was prior to the pandemic and the cost we are paying is almost 2x this year what we had to pay last year. The reason for the staff shortage is that there just aren’t people applying for jobs in our area. Unemployment is at an all time low and this has resulted in incredibly high wages and also incredibly low recruitment. So again, expect that prices will rise as we continue to increase wages in an attempt to recruit more staff.

Our long term goal is to automate as much as we can in order to keep prices low as labor costs rise, but these changes will most likely take 1-2 years to implement. It’s a weird time to be alive, but as entrepreneurs we do our best to solve problems as they occur. Here at MJTrends we will do our best to continue serving you with quality products, advice, and support.

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