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Below you'll find everything you need for cutting fabric or thread while working on your projects. Gingher scissors are top of the line and offer precision blades. Fiskar, a name known across the world, also has excellent cutting tools from spring based scissors to help hand fatigue to thread trimmers. We also offer off-brand scissors at hugely discounted prices for the bargain shopper.

Premium forged steel thread snips. List Price $4.99
Mini embroidery scissors. List Price $3.99
Gingher 6 inch applique scissor. List Price $21.50
Gingher 5 inch sewing scissors. List Price $19.99 Sale Price$13.99 Gingher-5-inch Scissors currently on sale
Ginger 7 inch knife edge scissors. List Price $23.25
Ginger 8 inch knife edge scissors. List Price $24.99
Gingher 9 inch bent handle scissor. List Price $27.50