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Balloon made of latex sheets?

I know this website deals largely with making clothing and perhaps accessories, but could the materials sold here be used to also make a giant balloon?I'm pretty new to this idea of crafting stuff, as I don't have much...

Latrion, September 25th 2017 4:10:13 pm

Thank you for the advice, Chloe! Greatly appreciated

Chloe, September 25th 2017 10:36:58 am

You can create a balloon from latex sheeting.  If you've never worked with latex before I'd recommend taking...



vinyl corset help with wrinkling

I'm working on a corset for a Catwoman costume based off the one from Batman Returns. I've never worked with vinyl before so it was quite a challenge as I'm not very good at sewing. There was a lot of guesswork. There are a few...

Chloe, August 31st 2017 9:07:40 am

Patent vinyl is the ideal fabric to use for corsets.  It doesn't have much stretch, so you'll get the best...




is anybody tryed to make a (men) thong in latex?

BrendaSchaper, May 18th 2019 12:54:02 pm

When using PVC/Vinyl, I put a sticker under my presser foot to keep fabric from pulling, works great but sticker...

BrendaSchaper, May 18th 2019 12:50:12 pm

Oh!  I make thongs all the time.  They are so easy.



White stretch vinyl getting stained by other colors

I am having issues when using white stretch pvc, other colors seem to stain or rub off onto the white. Neither color is wet or hot so I'm not sure what is happening. Any one else ever had this issue? Or possibly know how to...

Chloe, May 3rd 2017 11:24:15 am

Light-colored vinyl can absorb darker colored vinyl if they touch for too long.  If you're storing the vinyl,...



Cleaning Silicone lubricant off of Latex

How can Silicone lubricant be cleaned off of latex to make sure there is a Clean latex to re-glue the seams? I was thinking of acetone, but not sure if it will take all of the silicone off so that I can repair seams that came...

Charli, July 18th 2017 1:03:40 am

Thank you for the information.

JP, July 18th 2017 12:41:36 am

Testing on scraps, xylene doesn't appear to weaken the latex after it evaporates and the swelling goes down, it's...