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recommended tools and‏ design/template

what is the recommended tools needed to make a catsuit


dose anyone know where there a good design/template (the shapes that make up the catsuit, hood and anything elces) 


Response by: vickie, June 7th 2010 9:17:11 pm

I am also interested in any info on where to obtain sewing patterns for fetish clothing. Catsuit would be awesome, along with hoods.  Also any tips......... Thanx

Response by: Serah, August 22nd 2010 1:22:15 am

I am about to try it out with a kwik sew unitard  pattern I think thats a good place to start. There patterns usually fit well. I will tell you how it works!

Response by: Richard, June 9th 2011 5:25:17 pm

www.stretchy.org has tutorial on measuring cutting and piecing together a catsuit...not a project 4 beginners though...He also has easy to follow video!!\"\"

Response by: Chloe, October 4th 2013 9:53:05 pm

I buy my patterns at Wal-Mart or online and then modify them to my measurements.  A good rule of thumb for making a latex catsuit is the following:

  • .35mm gauge latex sheeting: reduce the garment size by 6% of your actual measurements.  EG: a 30 inch waist would be 30*.06 - 30 = 28.2 inches.
  • .50mm gauge latex sheeting or 4-way stretch vinyl: reduce the garment size by 4% of your actual measurements.

Good luck!