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Bright blue / royal blue 4-way high-stretch vinyl fabric. Perfect for leggings, dancewear, swimwear, etc. Use our custom-fit leggings sewing pattern to get that perfect fit for your body measurements.

Metallic gold puff jacket mixed with oil-slick black vinyl stretch fabric. Create leggings like these using our custom-fit leggings pattern made custom to your body and MJTrends fabrics.

Metallic gold vinyl makes the jacket. Paired with hot pink stretch vinyl jeans. Use MJTrends fabrics and custom-fit sewing patterns to create similar looks.

Glossy grey stretch vinyl fabric with both vertical and horizontal stretch for making all kinds of fashions. Use with MJTrends custom-fit leggings sewing pattern to get a pattern that is made to your measurements.

Use MJTrends black rubber sheeting for making leggings. Latex shine can be applied to get a high-gloss look like the photo. Our custom-fit leggings pattern is made to your measurements and our materials.

Make this summer short sleeve bodycon midi dress from MJTrends high-stretch black spandex lame fabric. Use our custom-fit sewing pattern for a hassle free perfect fit.

Jacket / dress made from MJTrends red patent leather high-gloss fabric with minimal stretch. Long separating brass zipper down the front.

Do you want to make bras? MJTrends stocks bra wire, v-wire, bra-straps, and a range of fun fabrics like latex, vinyl, and more for making your own lingerie and bras.

Thin black latex material for making clothing and fashions. Use with MJTrends latex adhesive and custom-fit sewing patterns to create your own garments.

4-way stretch navy / dark purple iridescent metallic spandex fabric for making party dresses, bodysuits, dance-wear, and swimwear.

High-stretch metallic finish purple spandex fabric from MJTrends for making close-fitting fashions like this tie-neck high-back halter dress with back zip closure.

Red faux leather puff-shoulder bodycon dress featuring long sleeves and a body-slimming fit. MJTrends 4-way stretch faux leather is perfect for re-creating this look.

Tie-neck mini-halter dress made from metallic gold spandex. Make your own stretch costumes, dancewear, cosplay, and more from MJTrends stretchy metallic gold spandex.

Scoop neck dress made from metallic red 4-way stretch spandex fabric. Make your own by using our custom-fit sewing pattern made explicitly for MJTrends fabrics and your measurements.

Red shiny latex sheeting - use with our rotary cutters, adhesive, and latex shine for making amazing creations like this scoop neck dress with matching corset.

Black latex sheeting that you can glue together to make leggings. Use MJTrends latex shine to get that high gloss look. Our custom-fit leggings pattern will also guarantee a hassle free perfect fit.

Metallic gold latex material, 100% rubber with amazing stretch capabilities. Latex is glued and can be made into dresses, skirts, and more. Use with our custom-fit patterns made exclusively for MJTrends materials and your measurements.

Wine / dark red stretch vinyl fabric with moto-inspired collar and front silver zipper.

Shiny black plastic pvc vinyl fabric for goth fashions, skirts, dresses, etc. Shown here with a 27 inch black aluminum zipper.

Hot pink plastic fabric with woven backing. Make skirts, dance wear, swimwear, etc. Use with our custom-fit mini-skirt sewing pattern to get a perfect fit for your body.

Shiny 4-way stretch red vinyl fabric for leggings and other fashions where you need high-stretch and high-gloss. Use with our custom-fit leggings sewing pattern.

Four-way stretch red veggie-fabric for making leggings, unitards, bodysuits, swimwear, and more.

Re-create this awesome dress using MJTrends 4-way stretch yellow vinyl fabric and custom-fit sewing pattern that is made from your measurements.

Want to make a pair of bikeshorts from our spandex or 4-way stretch vinyl? Take the guess-work out of pattern making by using our custom-fit bikeshort sewing pattern made from your measurements.

Trying to figure out how to finish the edge of a vinyl garment? Use our fold-over elastic. It has great stretch and provides a finished edge to your project.

Valentines red stretch vinyl fabric for making bikini's, bodycon dresses, unitards, leotards, dancewear, fetish fashsions, swimwear, and more!

MJTrends has shiny yellow plastic fabric (vinyl) in both 2-way stretch and 4-way stretch. Don't needs the extra stretch - save some money and opt for the less expensive material.

Soft pink vinyl with 4-way stretch. High-gloss shiny material that is soft to the touch and has excellent stretch. One of our most premium materials and perfect for body-hugging fashions.

Black and white stretch-vinyl fabric for making fashions. Create cyber dresses, fetish fashions, dancewear, swimsuits, and more with this soft, supple, and stretchy material.

Metallic purple with a deep rich hue, 4-way stretch vinyl fabric for making shorts, costumes, Cosplay outfits, dresses, swimwear, dancewear, and more.

Light purple / lavendar purple vinyl fabric with 4-way stretch. Shown here in a bikini, but can also be used to make a variety of fashion and clothing items.

Light-silver metallic foil spandex material with excellent 4-way stretch. Uses include swimwear, bathing suits, bikini's, bodysuits, and leotards.

Matte black spandex has a dull sheen to it that resembles leather but at a fraction of the cost. Plus, you get good 4-way stretch capabilities from the material.

Grey / silver metallic 4-way stretch spandex material for making bodysuits, catsuits, and dance-wear.

Metallic spandex fabric with excellent four-way stretch can be used for making mini-skirts, dancewear, leotards, bodysuits, and more.

Take pastel-pink tulle fabric, one-inch wide elastic, and about 20 minutes and you can made a sweet summer-time multi-layered tulle skirt at a fraction of what you would pay at the store!

Pretty in pink! Use MJTrends pastel-pink vinyl fabric to make your own skirts. Get that perfect fit by using our custom-fit sewing patterns made explicitly for your measurements and our fabrics.

Re-create this asymmetrical skirt using MJTrends 4-way stretch black vinyl fabric, heavy-duty black plastic parachute buckles, and metal zippers.

Use MJTrends bra wire, separating black nylon zippers, and shiny black vinyl fabric to create halter tops similar to this one!

Space-silver metallic spandex foil fabric to make cyber fashions like this summer-time crop top.

Brown vegan leather for making skirts, dresses, jackets, and costumes.

Dark silver metallic spandex fabric makes up this fashionable dress with high-cut leg slit.

Need something less shiny than vinyl, similar to leather but less expensive? Try MJTrends metallic spandex fabrics and custom-fit sewing patterns.

MJTrends four-way stretch black metallic spandex material can be used for body-hugging dresses. Pair the material with our custom-fit sewing patterns to make your own.

Motorcycles and black latex catsuits - let's just call that a match made in heaven. Make your own latex fashions with MJTrends latex and our custom-fit patterns specific to your body and our materials.

Latex has super-stretch making it the ideal material for leggings. Make your own with our custom-fit leggings pattern just for MJTrends latex sheeting.

Irridescant metallic spandex looks so good in the light. You get a rainbow effect of different refractions of light coming from the material.

Check out our stretch spandex and custom-fit bikeshort sewing pattern to create your own perfect fitting workout shorts.

Use MJTrends clear plastic vinyl material and our custom-fit leggings sewing pattern (be sure to add some positive ease) to create awesome plastic pants!

Black tulle and a black nylon zipper. A simple combination come together to create a bold look. Zippers and tulle available at MJTrends.