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Demi Lovato wearing one of her signature leather spiked jackets. Trying to re-create the look - it includes cone spikes, mushroom spikes, and flat oval.

Editorial fashion photo shot for Oyster magazine featuring a model with vintage shirt and semi-transparent natural colored (amber) latex gloves.

Metallic bronze latex gives off a warm shine in the setting sun. Make a swimsuit or a bodysuit with 4-way stretch latex.

Black faux leather stretch fabric for a form-fitting mini. Pair it with a long-sleeve stretch-knit turtle neck and that summer mini can now be worn in the cooler temps.

Black veggie leather pencil skirt with aviator shades, blue button up, and tan heels and purse. Who says leather can't be preppy.

Red pleather fabric short-shorts worn by K-Pop member of Gangkiz - Eunbyul.

Rihanna wearing a black veggie-leather crop top.

Red leather jacket covered in spikes of all types and safety pins.

Black stretch faux-leather slit dress. Why pay retail when you can make it yourself ;)

Black pleather mini-skirt and heather-grey sweater. The quintessential outfit for cool weather.

Below-the-knee leather pencil skirt with a v-neck leather top and cheetah-skin long trench.

Luxury leather womens hand-bag with silver cone spikes and mushroom spikes at the bottom edges and across the strap.

Military inspired latex jacket and hat. Inspiration for cosplay or theme parties. Black / military green with silver trim, collar, and snaps across the shoulder.

Sky blue latex flare dress with rainbow and stars appliques in bright colors. Yellow latex bow for the hair - can you say too cute!!!

Navy / royal blue latex coat with 6 buttons and collar. Paired with black latex pants with side zip. Outfit designed via collaboration between Lelo and Madrub.

Vampy black latex bra and panty / swimsuit with white bat appliques.

Semi-transparent nude latex dress with thick swaths of black latex running across it in strips.

Metallic gold latex peplum dress with semi-transparent smoke top.

Black latex bodysuit with long sleeves and center-front zipper. Notice the cat ears ;)

Military inspired eco-green womens button up shirt with black trim. Paired with jodhpur style pants in black and green.

Punk jackets that deviate from the standard black and silver.

Semi-transparent pink latex button up blouse matched with black capri pants. Collaborated on by Lelo and Madrub.

Black veggie leather dress with interesting seam lines: 1 across the chest with princess seams running down from there and another seam line running horizontally just below the hip.

Heavily spiked and studded leather punk jacket. Covered almost exclusively in silver short cone spikes.

Naval inspired red latex coat with black trim at the shoulders and wrists and black contrasting buttons. Designed by Lelo in collaboration with MadRubb.

Faux leather LDB - every girl should have one. Wear it in the spring or the fall.

Black veggie-leather dress with mesh inlay design at the top made by Guess.

Black leather combined with black tulle creates a unique formal dress for an evening out.

Black leather mini-skirt with dual silver non-separating zippers running half-way down the skirt at the left and right hip.

Black stretch vinyl peplum top with princess seams. Paired with a poly-mix black stretch mini-skirt and patent heels.

Black stretch vinyl peplum top worn with a matching black poly-cotton mini skirt and black patent heels.

Black four-way stretch vinyl peplum top paired with black stretch mini-skirt and purse.

Metallic silver crocodile embossed faux-snakeskin fabric skirt with black top and heels.

Veggie leather women's peplum top and skirt with gold spike necklace.

2-way stretch vinyl retro Silk Spectre outfit. The mixing of vinyl and an old-school Silk Spectre design yeilds an original outfit that no one else has worn.

Yellow and black stretch vinyl Silk Spectre Cosplay outfit. Not quite as true to form as latex costumes, but much easier and faster to make and it looks close to perfect.

Semi-transparent long sleeve latex dress with separating zipper down the front, collar, and matching latex knee socks.

Silver spiked black leather clutch paired with a black mesh long-sleeve shirt, silver cross necklace, and leather-like skirt with silver zipper running up the side leg.

Black long sleeve shirt / sweater with leather-like fabric patches on the shoulder. Notice the addition of seam lines running through the shoulder patches - nice touch.

Silver cone spikes and leather-like material come together to create a one-of-a-kine punk mini-skirt.

True to the movie Silk Spectre latex cosplay outfit. Made from black and semi-transparent latex sheeting.

Exceptionally done Silk Spectre cosplay outfit made from black and semi-transparent yellow latex sheeting.

Rebecca Romijn wearing a black faux-leather dress with puff-cap sleeves and gold heels.

DIY white skirt covered in flat silver circle studs. Great way to up-cycle an old item into something new.

Shiny black latex stockings, gloves, and panties with silver rivets and built in belt. Perfect for a night out with 007.

LBD black stretch-leather dress worn by a celebrity (Beyonce?) for a night out. Stretch fabric allows for a tight fit across the top. Length stretches below the knee.

Little black dress in faux leather with three-quarter length sleeves. Conservative and understated style, but when paired with pleather creates a more edgy look.

One to make an impression at the next corporate event! How about a silver spiked bow tie? Metallic silver faux-leather bow tie with silver spikes protruding from the edges.

Silver spiked heart-shaped necklace. Cute and yet tough - just like you!

Silver and hematite (dark silver) colored cone spikes on high-top velcro shoes.