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Silver cone spikes up and down the side of these boots give them a "Mad-Max Fury" type of look.

Singer rocks a shiny skin-tight black latex sleeveless dress while performing onstage.

Celebrity DJ Hannah Bronfman wearing a Burberry semi-transaprent latex sleeveless dress with a chunky gold necklace to an event.

Black veggie-leather dress topped with black lace and paired with a long-hair faux-fur purse.

Black stretch faux-leather fabric sleeveless dress worn with pearl accessories.

Black leather jeans and button up blouse worn with a plush soft green jacket and strappy heels.

Black shiny vinyl pencil skirt paired with 'Mick Jagger' lips graphic top, gold chunky necklace, and black clutch.

Black leather overalls - who knew you could make overalls look for fab!

Veggie-leather peplum black top worn with jeans and for a little extra umphhh - a cheetah print belt.

Short sleeve summer faux-leather fabric dress worn with a matching black belt, dark shades, and red lipstick.

Street style fashions - black asymmetrical patent vinyl leather skirt, spiked necklace, and ribbed sweater.

Black latex pencil skirt, long black turtle-neck, and leather straps.

Latex skeleton leggings. What a great applique - all the way down to the toe bones!

Black shiny patent vinyl jeans paired with dark eye shadow, bunny ears, and a spiked purse.

Below-the-knee metallic gold pleather skirt paired with a black crop top, handbag, and heels.

Charlize Theron wearing a black long latex evening gown to an Oscars party in Los Angeles.

Charlize Theron wears a black latex dress to an Oscars party in L.A.

Metallic gold womens latex sleeveless shirt with princess seam cut. Paired with gold jewelry and overalls. Love how the color complements the models hair!

Four ways to wear faux leather leggings: dressy with a sportcoat, glam with a rhinstone denim jacket, Western with a plaid button up, and preppy with a navy striped shirt and sweater cover-up.

Latex street style fashions - white latex short sleeve shirt paired with a pair of black jeans.

Retro inspired black and brown leather skirt with silver rivets. Fashion is a mix of the past and the present and this ensemble pairs retro designs of the 70's with the short-cut shirt style and asymmetric lines of the present day.

Thin gold metal belt paired with a soft pink hued flare dress.

Cassie Steele wearing red 4-way stretch vinyl leggings with a black sleeveless tank and lace-up ankle boots.

Kylie Jenner out for a night on the town wearing a red latex dress with contrasting black trim, black heels, and matching red lipstick

Black and white photo of street style latex dress.

Kylie Jenner stuns in a red latex dress with black vertical stripes, black strip across her waist, and matching black heels.

Black glossy patent vinyl jeans street style, worn with a white v-neck and semi-transparent shoes.

Black vinyl jacket, finger-less gloves, silver zipper up the front, and custom fitted stretch vinyl jeans all come together to make this sleek racer outfit.

Black skinny jeans with strips of veggie leather running vertically.

Shimmering gold metal belt paired with a navy dress, gold rimmed sunglasses and accessories, and the perfect shade of lipstick.

Check this spring time look - navy flare dress paired with sunglasses and a gold metal belt.

Rihanna rocks the military look by combining a button up olive green military-esque shirt with a striking high-gloss green vinyl mini-skirt with silver zipper running down the front.

Leatherette pleated mini skirt in burgundy red. Cute, stylish, and bold all at the same time.

Tan colored asymetrical panel skirt. Helmut Lang shows their technical fashion design chops in their use of mutliple panels of leather to create this couture skirt.

Balmain leather skirt with D-rings, oversize stitching, and cargo pockets. Perfect for your next urban safari!

Add visual interest to an otherwise wardrobe staple - the miniskirt. Brass separating zipper runs down the front, while 2 double brass zippers run the entire width of the skirt horizontally.

Quilted faux leather mini-skirt. Batting on the backside of the fabric helps to make the quilt lines really pop! So interesting to see this material used for skirts and fashions.

Black vinyl cosplay catsuit. Made with 4-way stretch faux leather. Not quite as shiny as latex or stretch vinyl, but also a great fabric for cosplay.

K-Pop music star wearing glossy black vinyl jeans with gold jewelry and long sleeve black crop top.

Black latex catsuit shot with elegant silver dangling earrings.

White patent vinyl dress worn at a red carpet awards event.

Silver studded black and white leather jacket shot street-style at London's fashion week. Notice the mix of cone spikes, square spikes, and small round studs used on the jacket.

Black glossy 4-way stretch vinyl jeans. Pair it with a white tank top, Gucci bag, and heels and you're ready to turn some heads!

Epic win for this red and black Lady Deadpool cosplay latex catsuit! Lots of cutting and gluing to create all those panels of red and black latex. Great fit with the hood - those are hard to get right due to all the features of the persons face.

Red and black Star Trek catsuit made from latex sheeting. We've seen a lot of latex and stretch vinyl Star Trek outfits, and this one is exceptionally close to the original. Perfect execution and attention to detail.

Check out the curvature of the top front of this leather pencil skirt! Love the design - really unique way to show off your curves and draw attention to the waist line. Would need some interfacing to get the stiffness needed for this effect.

Vicky Pattison wearing a high-waisted leather pencil skirt for a night out with the girls. She pairs it with beige patent leather shoes, matching beige purse, and revealing strappy crop top.

Vicky Pattison wearing a long high-waisted leather skirt with brass zipper that extends the entire length.

Shiny red latex leggings shot on black and white background. Great use of color - red already catches the eye and when you put everything else in black and white it becomes art.

Red snakeskin dress and ruched elbow length red leather gloves make for a passionate ensemble. Designed by Alexander McQueen.