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Faux crocodile skin leather jacket and skirt.

Black leather skirt paired with a gold metal belt. Skirt made by Rita and Phill - with a slide slit up with side.

Brown and black leather dress and skirt.

Fun and flirty outfit for spring or summer. Colorful graphic top with long black vinyl pencil skirt, dark shades, and gold toned accessories.

Burgundy patent leather mini skirt. Bounce some of those spring time rays back off you, with the glossiness of patent leather.

Lady J and Harley Quinn hamming it up in the streets. Harley's outfit is made from 4-way stretch vinyl, while Lady J's appears to be latex.

Gold faux leather pencil skirt with small slit up the center front. Great pairing with the black sweater with metallic flake. Perfect outfit for the office Christmas party!

Silver zippered pockets, and also a separating silver zipper running down the front of this black veggie leather skirt.

Black leather dress worn to a celebrity event. Notice how it's gathered at the bust and also at the sleeves. Nice detailing.

Burgundy / dark red leather dress with peplum. Lipstick shade goes great with that dark red color!

Black leather skirt with brass zipper running horizontally at an angle across the front. Love the use of zippers as a design element!

Leather skirt with silver aluminum zipper going down the middle front. Zip it down for the office, zip it up for a fun night out!

Check out the textures and design of this skirt.

Don't we all need elbow length latex gloves and dresses for doing the chores? Who cares about practicality - as long as you look good!

Slick and shiny long black latex ball gown / dress. Silver O-rings attach the top straps at the front.

Quilted leather jeans with black button and silver rivets.

Black stretch vinyl glossy leggings paired with a ridiculously awesome white and black gradient mohair jacket trimmed in faux leather.

4-way stretch royal blue vinyl fabric swimsuit. Trimmed in white at the legs and arms. "Realise" brand logo also in white across the chest.

Long leather dress in earthy brown that flares out.

Womens leather top with two front darts running from the bust all the way down to the waist.

Black vinyl jeans with high gloss shine and uber tight fit. These aren't called "Evil Twin" jeans for nothing!

Aged leather jacket with antique brass zipper running from the top of the side neck down to the waist.

Black and white glamour shot of beautiful model wearing a glossy stretch vinyl catsuit.

Simple, elegant, well-crafted, leather skirt with horizontal seam lines running across the middle at the knee.

Semi-transparent smoke and black latex womens top with puff-cap gathered sleeves. Worn with a latex neck corset and flower hair bow.

Long black hobble / pencil skirt, black lace bra, dark red lipstick, gold accessories - everything for a killer look!

Brass zipper running asymetrically down the front of black pencil skirt. Matching gold accessories bring the entire outfit together.

Myleene Klass in a baby pink latex skirt at the Zoolander movie premier.

Red patent vinyl / faux leather skirt and hot pink top with matching red buttons. Talk about a color-combo! Wow - hot pink and red will definitely draw the eye.

Transparent and black striped latex womens bodysuit. Love the clever placement of the transparent inlays. Very geometric-centric design.

4-way stretch patent leather pencil skirt with slit up the rear. Combined with a cream and navy striped knit top for just the right amount of preppy and edgy.

Four-way faux leather pencil skirt shot in a highrise condo against the skyline. Matching purse, long dangling silver earrings, and lace top.

Red 4-way stretch faux leather dress with body-hugging fit. Silver zipper running a short distance down the front adds a touch of intrigue.

Faux leather mixed with a three-quarter sleeve heather-grey sweatshirt for the ultimate in urban yet comfy fashions.

Fashion gold metal belt paired with a bodycon asymetrical dress and black heels.

Black vinyl mini-skirt by American Apparel. Why pay full price when you can make this yourself with a single yard of material and a little bit of work?

Diesel Punk, military goth - call this outfit what you want - we call it badass! Black cotton and vinyl mixed dress with button up top, built-in corset, and red vinyl piping.

GI Joe Cobra black stretch vinyl outfit. Red cobra insignia on the chest and sleeves. Knee armor and utility belt. Everything you need to kick some ass!

Geometric inspired faux leather and spandex black dress. Angular strips of leather adorn the front of this dress and give a rock-n-roll feel to something that you could wear to a concert or the theatre.

Historic military inspired archer's leather armored mens top. Great inspiration for a period costume or cosplay.

Hand crafted semi-transparent pink latex with yellow polka dots. Catch some rays and some eyes with this awe inspiring retro latex swimsuit.

Black vinyl slit skirt with glossy sheen. Mid-length skirt with slit up the rear to allow for ease of walking and also to show some additional skin.

Red faux leather trench coat with the cutest details - bows just below the elbows with straps, flared out cuffs at the wrist, and oversized buttons that match the coat fabric.

What is that color??!! Gold - tan - something inbetween? Whatever it is we love it. Long flared faux leather skirt, black heels, and mesh long-sleeve shirt.

Long flared faux leather skirt, black see-through long-sleeve blouse, and black high heels round out this outfit by designer SK House.

Leather skirt with twin parallel silver zippers running down the right-side thigh from top to bottom.

How to sew on a button - let me count the ways! Checkout this awesome image, showing a multitude of different ideas for sewing on buttons. Definitely a way to add a new design element and couture touch to your creations.

Red veggie leather dress with 4-way stretch characteristics. Clear mesh inlay creates visual interest where you most want it ;) Metal wrist band and black twin-strapped belt add a nice touch.

Metallic gold latex leggings with high-neck long sleeve white top, matching metallic-gold strapping, and Nordic leather boots. Outfit designed by Westward Bound.

Hidden zippers at the sleeves and all the way down the front of this leather dress add to the couture nature of the dress and also add an element of allure.