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Designer Marios Schwab's veggie leather belt in an all-black ensemble walking down the runway.

GI Joe Cobra latex catsuit in black with red spider appliques.

Red white and blue - patriotic legs and shoes.

Emma Stone wearing a black patent vinyl retro-cut dress.

Model Anna Jagodzinska posing in a black latex bodysuit for a sci-fi chic article in HGIssue.

Red latex hooded romper shot in the desert sands.

Red latex cosplay catsuit shot with a sniper rifle and matching heeled patent vinyl red boots.

Charlie XCX wearing a black latex bodysut in West Hollywood.

Colorful latex dress in orange, transparent, navy, turqoise, black, and pink with matching shortie gloves.

Black leather twist dress. Check out those seam lines! Creative and visually unique - love this concept.

Patent vinyl lace-up rear high gloss top with long white train by Antonio Berardi.

K-Pop group wearing patent vinyl high gloss black jeans.

Music group Inverno wearing red stretch leather jeans.

Our favorite Kardashian in stretch veggie leather jeans and a simple white t-shirt tied at the waist.

J-PoP megastar performaing on-stage wearing a white flowing crop top paired with veggie leather jeans and gold jewelry.

Brass diamond shaped studs on black leather jeans = rock and roll!

Cameron Diaz smiling and posing on the red carpet wearing a veggie leather dress.

Couture leather outfit with silver and black spikes at the jacket cuff and shoulders.

Smooth veggie leather stretch leggings shot in a serene setting of woods and foliage.

Love her or hate her, you have to admit that Paris Hilton has style. Here she is wearing leather jeans with a white top and matching white and black purse.

Metallic blue with black contrasting trim latex 2-piece swimsuit.

Electric blue corset with contrasting white and blue stripes running down the front, paired with matching leggings and wrist gloves.

Dark red latex peplum skirt street style fashions.

Wow - what a great applique idea! Red latex christmas 'sweater' with white snowflake applique.

Red, royal blue, and yellow latex super-woman cosplay outfit with cape and boots.

Colorful pastels of blue and pink latex come together to create this outfit shot for Youth Vision China magazine.

Quilted leather leggings - perfect for those cold days when you still need to look stylish.

Sky blue latex polka dot dress with white dots, white bow tie and belt.

Veggie leather LBD (little black dress) paired with matching black leather jacket and purse.

off-the-shoulder black sweater with dual gold-teethed zippers at each side.

Leather jacket and 4-way stretch veggie leather leggings, black leather purse, and colorful statement sneakers make for a too-cool-for-school street style fashion.

Fitted brown veggie leather dress with gold accessories and tan high heels.

Musical performance with performers wearing trench coats and hats on top of shiny black latex catsuits.

Leather and jacquard print beautiful steampunk dress.

Elegant womens back top with dual seperating silver zipper running diagonally across the front and another zipper running down the side seam.

Brown leather jacket with gold zipper, paired with similarly hued snakeskin skirt.

Buttersoft faux leather top paired with military green - olive fitted latex leggings.

Silver zips and zips and more zips on these awesome leather leggings.

Long silver zipper down the front of this red tweed statement coat.

Draped leather jacket with tie at the waist and cotton sleeves.

Street style shot of veggie leather leggings worn with a denim jacket and Nike sneakers.

Black faux leather crocodile embossed jacket and skirt worn by Princess Letizia

Princess of Spain wearing an auburn hued leather dress.

Black glossy patent vinyl 3/4 trench coat with matching skirt and flats.

Black leather dress paired with white fur.

Womens clear vinyl trench coat with contrasting black seams. Worn with a black outfit on underneath and matching ankle boots.

Shiny black latex swimsuit with design inspired from the 60's. Retro high waisted panty and full cut top.

Mix and match a conservative dress with punk leather wristband, edgy latex leggings, and a pair of matching heels for something you can wear anywhere and yet also make a statement.

Metallic gold vinyl hooded pull-over jacket paired with a sporty twin-stripe tennis skirt. Glam meets sporty!

Black high waisted retro latex panty. Shot poolside as these could be worn as a bathing suit bottom.