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Thicker gauge latex (.50mm) jacket with silver separating zipper and matching black leggings.

Illustration showing how to draw fabric folds and drape. Drawing folds and wrinkles in fabric is hard - this image shows how do it right.

007 is at it again! Bond-girl style bodysuit in white with contrasting front black zipper.

Black and white photo of model in shiny vinyl jeans.

Black latex clad model holding brightly colored semi-transparent vinyl film over her head in this editorial fashion photo.

Gareth Pugh red latex leggings worn underneath a flowing red dress.

Brown crocodile embossed faux snakeskin trenchcoat with gold hardware, black leather gloves, and a matching purse.

Vintage Nike t-shirt with fitted leather jeans and red statement heels.

Sleek and futuristic helmet girl wearing a 4-way stretch sleeveless shiny black vinyl catsuit.

Asian fashions - the latest trends and hottest fashions - model wearing stretch vinyl leggings paired with a black top.

Leather dress, corset, long gloves, fitted capri pants, and high boots by Alexander McQueen.

Beautiful model with corn-rowed blonde hair and spiked leather jacket.

Black and semi-transparent amber latex in horizontal stripes across the dress, arm-bands, ankles, thighs, and even as a bow in the hair. Nice details!

Rocking out in 4-way stretch faux leather leggings.

Couture laser cut latex top with black leggings

Silver zippers of various lengths on trendy leather skirt.

4-way stretch faux leather leggings paired with a wide brimmed hat and long lace cover-up.

Smooth brown leather Ralph Lauren pants with flared leg and buttons up the ankle.

Street style fashions: camo t-shirt paired with shiny black latex leggings and leather ankle boots.

Brown leather steampunk harness with antique gold metal rivets and d-rings.

Group of raceway / gridgirl models wearing Formido branded latex catsuits and dresses in royal and red.

Model wearing a latex raceway catsuit.

Formido branded royal blue and red latex dresses worn by track models / gridgirls.

Formido raceway catsuit for gridgirls.

Royal and red latex catsuit branded for raceway / gridgirls at a German supercar race.

Branded latex catsuits for raceway models.

Race pictures from a German speedway. Models wear custom branded latex outfits.

One of a kind patent vinyl moto outfit in this racing inspired photo.

Yolanda visser of music group Die Antwoord wearing a 'Zef' yellow latex top and hot pink latex hot-pants.

Die Antwoord's lead singer wearing a black latex crop top and latex leggings.

4-way black stretch vinyl with silver trim and clear plexi helmet create a space-like futuristic outfit.

God bless America - red, white, and blue latex outfit. High-waisted blue panties matched with white and red gloves.

Wow - amazing couture latex lingerie in semi-transparent black with mini-polka-dots and black stockings.

Oriental inspired black sleek vinyl corset and kimono.

Red latex Asian-inspired jacket with gold applique, black ruffles at the wrist and neck, and buttons running down the left side front.

Beautifully crafted red patent vinyl kimono with tiny bows at the shoulders, waist cincher, and matching choker.

Asian inspired red vinyl komono with matching red vinyl leggings.

Red and black latex samurai warrior outfit with contrasting belt and trim.

Stretch leather leggings with matching black jacket and high heels.

Steampunk / fighter pilot cosplay wearing a stretch vinyl black bodysuit and boots.

Semi-transparent dress with black armpit gloves and stockings worn by Miss Mosh.

Elegant long black vinyl dress with wrapped effect across the top of it similar to the dress worn by Angelina Jolie for the Malificient premier.

Red latex dress with matching fingerless gloves and hair bow shot outdoors in a field of tall grass.

Latex Star Trek catsuit in black and teal with matching boots - modeled by Kassandra Purcell.

Red 4-way stretch vinyl cosplay catsuit - locked and loaded!

Faux crocodile leather skirt and stretch leather leggings by designer Guinevere Soper.

Storm / Aurora cosplay - stretch vinyl catsuit with contrasting faux fur trim, boots, and gloves.

Patent vinyl shift dress / mod dress.

Edgy spin on a 60's mod dress. Take an A-line and make it from shiny black patent vinyl fabric!

Punk rock shiny black pencil skirt with spiked choker, overly red lips, and purple fringed hair. An excellent counter-part to Sid Vicious.