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Cruella de Vil Halloween costume


Cruelle de Vil is a Halloween classic.This costume features a black and white striped vinyl dress with lacing at the side and front, red gloves and black and white fur stole.

Make it yourself with the following items:

Product Quant Price Total
Sewing needles: super sharp size 80/12 4.39 $4.39
Roller Presser Foot 5.99 $5.99
White Vinyl Fabric 9.50 7.99 / yard $15.98
Black Vinyl Fabric 8.99 / yard $17.98
Black thread: all purpose 2.89 $2.89
Red Vinyl Fabric 9.50 / yard $9.50
Dritz: Small Silver Eyelets 4.49 $112.25
GrandTotal: $