Blogger Safiya Nygaard Wears Clear Vinyl Pants

BY admin on November 5, 2017


If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to wear clear vinyl pants, blogger Safiya Nygaard has your back! The video is hilarious, and Safiya is definitely a charismatic video blogger. When she first tries on the clear pants, she feels a bit hesitant. Remember, life all about not taking yourself too seriously. Now is best time to take notes from Safiya, and try this trend out for yourself. After trying on the pants, she laughs about the strange noises that she hears after trying to walk. “I’m probably going to have to take breaks during the day!” Safiya exclaimed. As soon as she started to walk down the hallway, she started cracking jokes, saying that the noises sounded obscene. For day one, Safiya opted for a style just like Topshop. She decided to go all-out and wear the pants with a pair of fitted black shorts layered underneath.

To keep things casual, Safiya wore a three-quarter length shirt, complete with a subtle embroidered design of an alien head on the chest. For her first destination on the agenda, Safiya headed to the mall with her brand new look. Feeling a little self-conscious about the loud noises coming from the pants while she walked, she did receive a lot of attention from the head-turning style she was wearing. When she was at the mall, Safiya happily relayed a story where a girl complimented her enthusiastically about her style. Soon after, a pair of older ladies walked by and started laughing at her look. Sadly enough, Safiya experienced a little bit of chafing from her experience at the mall. For day two, she decided to go for a night time look. She layered a pair of fishnets and black biker shorts under her pants. On top, she wore a simple black hoodie. Safiya decided to grab some boba with a friend, and while they were hanging out, she put her pants through a simple spill test. The verdict’s in—and after pouring a little bit of her bubble tea down her pant leg, the pants are actually spill resistant (score!).

For day three, Safiya opted for a black tank top and a pair of black Capri leggings layered underneath the clear vinyl pants. To keep things cool, she wore a pair of oversized sunglasses and metallic sandals.  When she wore leggings under the clear pants, she said she felt really comfortable wearing them. She was complimented by a woman in Costco who loved the pants and said that the pants reminded her of the sixties and seventies. Safiya decided to do a little research about the clear plastic trend, which was inspired by ideas of future fashion and the space race. In 1994, a Korean pop star was famous for wearing them, who felt they were a rebellious statement. On day four, Safiya layered a pair of camouflage leggings under the plastic pants. Unfortunately, her leggings were high waisted, which caused the plastic pants to slip down a little bit. Overall, Safiya enjoyed wearing them, comparing the experience to wearing an Invisibility Cloak like Harry Potter. For her fifth day, she wore fishnets and black shorts with the clear pants for a question and answer session at a panel. Amusingly enough, Safiya said that the sounds that she was making while she walked reminded her of a swamp monster.

Hilariously enough, Safiya decided to hit the pool for her sixth outfit. She opted for her black mesh bathing suit underneath and kept the plastic pants on while she swam in the pool. The results were too funny and definitely worth a watch! She got a lot of compliments at the pool while she was wearing the clear plastic pants. She was very annoyed by the large tag on the inside of the pants. For her last outfit, she decided to try a more wearable look, keeping a space teen aesthetic. She opted for a black mesh top with an iridescent sheen, and then a pair of black leggings underneath.

Making fun of her unique sense of style, some of her friends were teasing her about having “butt condensation” around the back of her pants. At night, she decided to hit Orlando for a little nightlife. After she was dancing alot she happened to get a lot of condensation stuck in the pants. In the beginning, she wasn’t sure if she’d like wearing the clear vinyl pants, but at the end of the week, she said that she had a change of heart with the pants. After she started layering leggings or shorts underneath, the style became way more cool. Unfortunately, her biggest complaint was the condensation which built up after wearing them for a long time. The noise attracts a lot of attention, and after she used an app, they make nearly 80 decibels worth of sound. In the end, she really liked the effect a lot and enjoyed the futuristic feel.

In the comments, one user wrote a hilarious comment, “Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?”, quoting singer Katy Perry’s hit song, “Firework”. Amusingly enough, it’s cool to see Safiya take on a daring trend like wearing plastic pants for a week. And what’s even more cool, is that she actually learned to love them in the end. Want to try out a similar look for yourself? Be sure to check out our selection of clear vinyl fabric, available for sale here at MJTrends!

Written by Jade Nicolette

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