Black faux crocodile fabric video review

BY admin on August 30, 2018

Recently we posted a video review of our faux leather black crocodile fabric and we’d love to know if you find it helpful:


The video is also listed on the product page:,Snakeskin,Fabric

We know how hard it is to assess something as tactile as fabric without having it in hand.  While we do offer swatches, we also know that most people prefer not to have to wait for a physical sample to make a purchase.

By providing a video review we are hoping that we can make it easier for you to assess if the material will work for your needs.  There are lots of different angles, closeups, pans, and attempts to show how the material drapes and flows.

We plan to add more product review videos for our different fabrics and supplies.  Comment below or send us an email at to let us know what we can do to be more helpful to you.  Is there additional detail or views that you would like in the video?  Would you prefer more video tutorials on how to make things instead?

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