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BY admin on December 6, 2019

Halloween is over and December has arrived so it’s time to start thinking about the next project. We’ve gathered together some of our favorite videos related to vinyl fashions.

Some videos are purely aspirational and inspiring, while others are from vloggers who made excellent video tutorials on working with vinyl fabrics.

First up is an oldy but goody:

Notice that the second model down the runway is Tyra banks! While this is an older video of fashions by Roland Klein, it’s not hard to see how the designs could be remixed into current looks.

Mixing uncommon fabrics like vinyl with conservative patterns like office-wear can result in unique products.

In the next video Margo and Me vlogger Jenny Cipoletti shows you how to style everything from patent leather boots to skirts and trenchcoats. You can read her full blog post on styling vinyl fashions at:

Vlogger FairyTale Kiss aka Jade Leech from the U.K. talks about different vinyl fashions that she has bought recently, how they fit, and how she likes to style them.

You’ll see her style thigh high red patent vinyl boots, jackets, an A-Line skirt with front zipper, and a sultry blood red skin-tight stretch vinyl dress with plunging neckline and ruffle.

Jade also has a website where she blogs, and you can view all her posts related to vinyl and faux leather fashions here:

Caitlyn Sway goes through a variety of outfits and also shows how to get into those slim-fit vinyl leggings!

In case you didn’t get enough of the vinyl leggings in the previous video, we added this:

Most people know about the brand ASOS, but in case you didn’t – they offer fairly low cost clothing online and have seen explosive growth in the last few years.

Every now and then we see some interesting vinyl and faux leather fashions offered from ASOS. We especially love the bronze vinyl front-slit skirt with matching button-up long sleeve blouse at 4:30.

Check out their video below to fuel the inspiration for your own ideas on what’s possible.

Popular vlogger Chey Star put together a style advice video based on her users feedback requesting a video on patent vinyl leggings. She goes through 5 different styles that vary from laid back to club attire.

FYI – we’ve recently seen the popularity of stretch vinyl bike shorts for women’s fashions soar. In the past it wasn’t uncommon to see the material used for leggings and jeans, but over the last 6 months we’ve seen more and more mainstream manufacturers jump on the bike short / legging-short train.

You’ve seen several style focused videos, but what about something that might help you with putting together that next brainstorm of yours? Check out the below video from Tijana Arsenijevic.

Tijana shows you her entire process starting with the digital design process and concluding with garment construction. FYI – MJTrends has a custom fit leggings sewing pattern where you can input your body measurements and get a pattern made for your body and the fabric that you select (no-stretch, 2-way stretch, or 4-way stretch).

Victoria Hui takes us back to how to style leggings. A word of clarity – she, like most people, doesn’t seem to understand the differences between latex and vinyl fabric.

Latex is 100% rubber and is glued to make garments. Vinyl fabric comes in a variety of types, but essentially it consists of a woven or knit fabric base layer with a vinyl coating.

The base layer determines the amount of stretch and whether the material is 2-way stretch or 4-way stretch, and the coating can be either high gloss and shiny, or more of a matte finish similar to leather.

She also refers to the material as liquid leggings, latex, or dominatrix leggings. We hope you have a better understanding of what materials those terms refer. We love Victoria’s style:

Below you will find two more style guide videos related to vinyl / faux leather fabric based leggings:

Last up is a video by Erica Marche’ on how to make a DIY vinyl skirt. She does a lovely job of taking through the entire process step by step starting with crafting a design based on an existing skirt.

If you want to skip that step, MJTrends has custom fit sewing patterns that are made to your measurements including one for a mini-skirt or pencil skirt.

We hope you liked our compilation of videos related to vinyl fashions. Please keep us in mind for your fabric or sewing related needs! As always we would love to hear from you if you enjoyed this post or if you have specific items or fabrics that you would like us to carry.

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