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Butty Shorts

Hi to all,
I am trying to make shorts that take the form of the but line, i don't know how to explained, something like the picture i attached to this post.

Any advice how to achieve something like this in latex? 

Thanks in advance for the answes.


Response by: Chloe, April 7th 2021 3:40:00 pm

The way you make those shorts is to use a thin strip of latex to serve as a piece of elastic going down the middle of the butt.  Sorry that I don't have any patterns that I can reference, but that is the gist of how they make it curve inward in the middle.

Response by: gmb, April 8th 2021 12:10:42 pm

Many thanks for your answer, I will try it that way.

Response by: mlurk, July 29th 2021 7:44:09 pm

I hope you have figured this out, but if not I have something for you to think about. Just like in your photo you had a pair of shorts then you added a thong or a body suit over top. That made your butty shorts. What you have to do is the same thing with latex. The only difference is that the thong has to be of thicker latex than the shorts so it pulls the shorts latex into the butt. But that creates another problem, chafing or skin irritation because of the folds in the shorts in the butt area.