New working with latex tutorials

BY admin on January 8, 2021

We produce several tutorials each year primarily related to working with vinyl fabrics, faux leather, and latex sheeting. Latex tends to have the highest learning curve, so you’ll find the majority of our tutorials related to latex crafting.

We have recently partnered with Antrice of to produce several new tutorials. Antrice has put together images and text descriptions as well as videos to help you with your projects.

Peplum skirt by AllureBound

Her latest tutorials show you how to create a latex medical mask, which won’t save you from the current Covid-19 pandemic, but it could help you dress up as a nurse and take your mind off our current state of the world.

Antrice also goes over several projects illustrating how to make box pleats with latex for a collar, crop top, or panties. You can use her lessons to apply pleats to a wide variety of latex fashions. Want more lessons on working with latex sheeting? Checkout her tutoring sessions and sign up for a workshop:

If you need something right away without the elbow grease, then consider shopping with AllureBound for custom-fit latex fashions perfect for any size and shape. Antrice can also work with you to make one-of-a-kind statement pieces. She works with both vinyl and latex.

Handmade latex clothing by AllureBound

We are currently collaborating with Antrice on another set of articles and hope to release some new latex lace designs and appliques in collaboration with her. Stay in the know by signing up for our newsletter by emailing or submitting the form at the lower left side of the page labeled ” Get exclusive promotions and info”.

AllureBound Latex Fashions

The New Year is here and we bet you have worked on amazing creations for 2021! Be sure to check back with the MJTrends blog for more inspiration for your next project. Valentines will be here before you know it!

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