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Laser Cutting

Hi,I have a 5.5W diode laser cutter that I have been using to trial cutting latex of various thicknesses and colors. I was wondering what the settings were that you use for your latex trim/lace? I am finding that the cuts...

Jackel433, September 2nd 2021 3:15:38 pm

Hi TimI've been looking into CO2 Laser lately an I saw to eliminate the sticky goo that the laser makes the best...

BarbieDan, August 24th 2021 7:32:13 pm

I use a 5W diode laser. Works pretty good if you ask me. I adjust the intensity and speed depending on the fabric...



Butty Shorts

Hi to all,I am trying to make shorts that take the form of the but line, i don't know how to explained, something like the picture i attached to this post.Any advice how to achieve something like this in latex? Thanks in...

mlurk, July 29th 2021 7:44:09 pm

I hope you have figured this out, but if not I have something for you to think about. Just like in your photo you...

gmb, April 8th 2021 12:10:42 pm

Many thanks for your answer, I will try it that way.



Tips for sewing on vinyl fabric

If you don't want to use MJTrends silicone lubricant (http://www.mjtrends.com/categories-Latex-Shine,Notions) you can use food grade silicone spray, the type used in meat slicers and grinders:...



Coat I made for my wife

Used 0.65 patent vinyl, heavily modified sewing pattern Simplicity 4084. And many ideas from Pinterest. Very pleased with result.And, made a fun Santa hat with some of the leftovers.  :-)

CarolGray, September 21st 2021 4:26:16 am

Hi, wow that coat is gorgeous, you are so good!!!!




Hello,I saw a few questions on here about using eyelets / grommets with latex, I have experimented a little bit with this, but every time I use a grommet with latex at least one hole rips a little bit and the whole piece is...

JP, August 4th 2021 6:46:58 pm

For quality stainless grommets, I use C S Osborne, a high quality industrial grommet manufacturer.  They're...

pollysuperstar, July 20th 2021 4:36:56 pm

Soak the cotton tape in rubber cement then hang the strip to dry completely. Then sandwich it between two layers...