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Use MJTrends black metallic spandex and our custom-fit sewing patterns made to your measurements and our stretch fabrics.

If you want the best form-fitting material on the planet - you need to use latex sheeting. Make amazing jaw-dropping cosplay catsuits from this super-stretch form fitting material.

What amazing things can you create with our black and white pinstripe vinyl fabric? We love this mini-ruffle lined deep-plung bodysuit!

Mix and match uncommon elements like a parachute buckle and glossy black vinyl fabric to create stunning women's fashions.

Spandex doesn't always have to be used to make form-fitting garments. We love this loose fitting jumpsuit and the way the spandex lame material drapes.

Want to create ruched leather leggings? It's not hard! Add 25% length in addition to your actual measurements to our custom-fit leggings sewing pattern and then stretch elastic down the seams while sewing to create this awesome look!

These vegan leather pants are over $100 retail - make your own by using our custom-length zipper kit, faux leather fabric, and our custom-fit leggings sewing pattern that is made to your measurements.

Get a zipper, flat black spandex fabric, and our custom-fit leggings sewing pattern to create your own zip-through hot pants. Flat black spandex has a leather-look to it and excellent stretch.

Use metallic gold lame spandex fabric with our custom-fit leggings sewing pattern to create these leggings.

Black lame spandex fabric for making close-fitting dancewear like this sport top and shorts.

Metallic red and blue spandex for making your own Harley Quinn boot shorts.

Gold lame stretch spandex fabric for making dancewear like these booty shorts.

Make your own asymmetrical dress using our gold metallic spandex and a white stretch knit.

Metallic teal spandex fabric with excellent 4-way stretch. Perfect for swimwear, dancewear, and more. Use our fold-over elastic to finish the arm and leg holes.

Cut a strip of gold lame spandex fabric and then use quarter-inch elastic down the middle to create this excellent fitting top for dancewear.

Shiny plastic 4-way stretch black vinyl fabric and a zipper are all that it take to create this simple yet sexy tube top.

Four-way stretch spandex lame fabric used to create 80's retro fashions. Use MJTrends custom-fit leggings pattern which is made to your measurements and our fabrics unique stretch.

Use MJTrends black faux leather fabric and bra wire to create lingerie, bras, corsets, and more.

Combine MJTrends bra wire with our black shiny patent vinyl fabric to made bodysuits, lingerie, or fetish fashions.

Black spandex / faux leather looking tank. High-stretch spandex is perfect for bodyhugging fashions like bodysuits, dancewear, etc.

Make your own halter tops, bras, dresses and more using our bra wire in various sizes. And don't forget the bra straps - clear goes with any color!

Shiny black bodysuit with scoop neck made from four-way stretch glossy black vinyl fabric. Soft to the touch with excellent stretch capabilities! Get a perfect fit using MJTrends custom-fit womens tank top sewing pattern.

Komono made by itsnangemagro from black and creamy white latex sheeting. Make the perfect pair of leggings to go with it by using our custom-fit leggings sewing pattern that is printed to your measurements.

Combine MJTrends black and bronze latex sheeting to create amazing cosplay catsuits! Rubber sheeting is glued and results in a form fitting costume that other materials can't come close to.

Royal blue, yellow, and red latex sheeting are used to make this superwoman catsuit with cape.

Intricate cosplay catsuit made from black and grey latex sheeting.

Yellow and black latex sheeting create this amazing outfit. Use our latex combined with our custom-fit v-bodysuit sewing pattern to create a similar outfit to your measurements.

Black as an oil-slick latex rubber material for making pencil skirts. Get your latex sheeting and sewing patterns that are made to your measurements and our materials!

Use MJTrends black latex sheeting along with our custom-fit patterns to create a ruffle skirt like this one!

White latex rubber for making dresses like this one. Make sure to use with our latex adhesive, seam roller, and latex shine!

Blood red latex sheeting used to create this amazing latex skirt. Get all your latex sheeting and crafting supplies at MJTrends!

Electric blue metallic spandex foil fabric with great stretch for making dancewear and other outfits that need 4-way stretch.

Black stretchy faux snakeskin embossed black fabric for making bodyhugging skirts, dresses, unitards, danceweear, swimwear, and more.

Dark red latex sheeting paired with our custom-fit pencil skirt pattern enables anyone to make this skirt.

Metallic blue latex sheeting makes up this plunging long latex dress.

Semi-transparent pink latex sheeting was used to make these pants. Black latex was used for the long-sleeve scoop neck shirt. Use MJTrends latex rubber material and latex supplies to make similar fashions.

White four-way stretch pu vinyl fabric for costumes, dresses, and fashion. Shown here with bra straps, and zipper from MJTrends. Use our custom-fit dress sewing patterns to make something yourself.

Tan / light brown / khaki 4-way stretch vinyl fabric for making skirts, dresses, and other fashions or costumes. Use with our mini-skirt custom-fit sewing pattern.

Black embossed snakeskin vinyl-coated fabric with great stretch quality. Make a mini-skirt just like this one using MJTrends custom-fit sewing patterns that are printed to your measurements.

Brown vegan-leather faux-leather fabric for fashion making. Create dresses, jackets, and cosplay costumes from MJTrends brown imitation leather.

White shiny 2-way stretch vinyl fabric for making jeans or jackets. Get your buttons at MJTrends and other sewing supplies as well!

MJTrends red patent vinyl fabric for making clothing and overalls. Little to no stretch with high gloss finish. Be sure to pickup some overall buckles and sewing supplies while your here!

Use MJTrends custom-fit bodysuit sewing pattern which is made to your measurements to make a sleeveless, high-neck bodysuit. Pair with our platinum metallic silver spandex to make this look.

Do you make clubwear or dancewear from metallic spandex? We have lots of colors - and our premium spandex has a matching color on the fabric backing to ensure your stitching looks great.

Shiny silver spandex for Halloween costumes, cosplay, or any other futuristic themed outfit. Also, our custom-fit catsuit sewing pattern is made to your measurements.

Make your own perfect-fit metallic long sleeve dance leotard from MJTrends metallic foil spandex fabric.

MJTrends stretchy black shiny spandex and long zippers are just what you need to for making a Cosplay catsuit.

Mix and match our matte black (flat black) spandex with our metallic-foil black spandex to create a similar catsuit / cosplay costume.

Stretchy and shiny black spandex fabric for making close-fit garments like dancewear, club-wear, swimsuits, catsuits, and leotards.

Kate Beckinsale wears a black vinyl oil-slick fabric dress. Make one for yourself using our black stretch pvc and custom fit bodycon dress sewing pattern.