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Angular cut asymmetrical faux leather skirt.

Emma stone kicking it on her 25th birthday wearing a black leather dress.

Beautiful paneled and pleated leather dress.

Check out the detailing on these! Silver ankle zips, leg ribbing, knee seams, and rear flap pockets.

Flared white top with black leather leggings and red heels. Great combo!

Katie Holmes sporting a leather skirt with pockets and yellow button up sweater.

Check out the awsome dragon-skin effect on the shoulders. Love this detailing and idea.

Sweater, plus a touch of red, stretch leather leggings, and heels.

Love this styling and look.

Black leather baby - gloves, belt, and fitted pants.

Gold spikes on white leather.

Steampunk, goth, tribal - can't quite put my finger on this one. The one thing I do know - I love it!

Just be sure not to stab your ear when using it!

Eiffel Tower Applique idea.

Spike and snakeskin jacket.

Beyonce working it like she always does in a Burberry Porsum blood red latex trench coat.

Love the coordination of the red leather clutch, red shoes, and black leather leggings.

Kim Kardashian wearing a red leather pencil skirt with skin-toned top and black blazer.

Cara Mason wearing a brown leather outfit with heavy duty holster and gloves.

Hooded leather romper with spikes - does it get anymore badass?

Latex Darth Vader with sword.

Wow - how cool is steampunk mixed with latex?

Mass Effect EDI latex cosplay catsuit.

Black and white stretch vinyl Cruella De'Ville Cosplay gown.

Expertly crafted latex Star Trek cosplay dress.

To go where no fashion has gone before - latex trekkie cosplay dress.

May the force be with you - black stretch vinyl Darth Vader Cosplay outfit.

Long flowing vinyl pleated skirt. Love it!

Shiny vinyl + long conservative cut skirt = awesome fashion!

Sliver spiked beanie head-wear.

Taking the average set of converse kicks up a bit - short silver cone spikes give these a bit of attitude.

We've never seen a lampshade with so much personality! Slick black plastic with silver spikes.

Beautiful faux leather white crocodile jacket by Calvin Klein.

Asymmetrical white faux leather crocodile dress with white zipper.

White faux leather crocodile skin purse.

Cool white snakeskin fitted pants - perfect for summer!

Summertime cool - white snakeskin jeans.

Silver toothed zipper sewn onto collar of shirt.

Stylish black leather mini skirt with silver zippers.

Beautifully crafted high-neck brownish-red vinyl embossed snakeskin top.

Jason Wu simple yet elegant structured black leather dress.

Brown leather gauntlets with brass eyelets - perfect for kicking some medieval butt!

Harley Quinn - vinyl jester cosplay outfit.

Harley Quinn looking mischevious in 4-way stretch vinyl.

Red and black Harley Quinn cosplay stretch vinyl outfit

Dark brown leather steampunk underbust corset with antique brass rivets, buckles, and metal lacing.

Dark brown leather steampunk underbust corset with antique brass rivets, buckles, and metal lacing.

Incredible steampunk corset with antique brass buckles, brown leather, and old world design.

Blood red corset and latex skirt. Love the plunging neckline and detailing.

Black vinyl catwoman cosplay catsuit.