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Lilac / pastel purple / soft pinkish purple latex sheeting for making dresses, skirts, and other latex fashions. Get all your latex crafting supplies in one place!

Pinstripe pvc fabric with 2-way stretch for making pants, jackets, bags, cosplay costumes, etc.

MJTrends is the ONLY supplier of black with silver polka-dots 2-way stretch vinyl fabric. Make something retro-awesome with this glossy material like our custom-fit waitress puff dress.

Irridescent navy spandex four-way stretch fabric that changes depending on how the light hits it. We love this material for clubwear, swimsuits, dancewear, leotards, and bodysuits.

Spandex foil fabrics in a wide variety of colors including metallic purple and metallic pink for Cosplay fashions and costumes.

Soft to the touch and with excellent stretch - our 4-way stretch vinyl in both white and black is precisely the fabric you need for your next Cosplay costume.

Shiny and slick red and black vinyl-coated fabric perfect for cosplay costumes.

MJTrends has over 15 different colors of vinyl fabric ranging from no-stretch to 4-way stretch depending on what you need.

Space silver metallic vinyl fabric for creating fashions of the future!

Not familiar with how to work with latex sheeting? Check out MJTrends tutorials and our forums to get assistance. We also have a clearance section to get inexpensive latex to practice with.

Shiny purple vinyl fabric with a polyester backing and slick plastic coated finish. Perfect for rainwear, fetish fashions, and cosplay costumes.

Hot pink tulle material used to make this skirt. Combine with MJTrends clear vinyl to create a similar bolero jacket as seen here. Line the edging with fold-over elastic for a finished look.

Metallic purple foil spandex fabric with 4-way stretch for making clubwear, dancewear, bodysuits, leotards, and other body-hugging fashions.

Want to make something similar to this skirt and crop top with u-shaped bra wire? We have all your supplies in one place: bra wire and royal blue vinyl fabric.

Need red vinyl for clothing or cosplay? We have just what you need. Choose between our thicker patent vinyl, or less expensive 2-way stretch vinyl, or our premium 4-way stretch soft as silk stretch vinyl.

MJTrends 2-way stretch purple vinyl fabric can be used for clothing or rainwear like this hip length purple rain jacket with belt.

Make a perfect fitting pair of veggie leather leggings from MJTrends black faux leather fabric and our custom-fit leggings sewing pattern tailored specifically to your body and measurements.

Need to make a cosplay bodysuit? Use our stretchy black metallic spandex fabric and MJTrends custom-fit bodysuit sewing pattern that is printed to your body's measurements.

Black latex sheeting is the perfect material for cosplay catsuits. It has excellent 4-way stretch and can be left matte or shined up to get that high-gloss plastic look.

Nicole Scherzinger walks the red carpet in a body-hugging dress made from .35mm metallic silver latex sheeting. Get boning and all your latex sheeting supplies from MJTrends.

Orange latex dress made from .30mm latex sheeting. Make your own using MJTrends latex crafting supplies and our custom-fit scoop neck dress sewing pattern specifically made to your body measurements and our materials.

Long sleeved pastel green latex bodysuit made from .35mm latex rubber sheeting. We have a huge assortment of latex sheeting colors and thicknesses for making whatever your heart desires.

Semi-transparent natural latex sheeting with black trim and black polka dots. Get all your latex rubber crafting supplies from MJTrends including seam rollers and latex adhesive.

Metallic blue spandex foil fabric with 4-way stretch. We recommend the material for clubwear, dance-wear, gymnastics bodysuits, unitards, leotards, and swimwear.

Lame silver spandex fabric brings the glamour to the party in a beautiful draping blouse. Use this material for anything from party attire to dancewear and bodysuits.

What can you make with high-stretch gold lame spandex? Unitards, dancewear, leotards, and club tops like this amazing deep-plunging long-sleeve top that brings us back to the days of Studio 54.

Halloween is coming up soon. Get your black vinyl fabric so you have time to make a mind-blowing vamp costume!

Want to make a pencil skirt but worried about getting the fit right? Worry no more - we offer custom-fit sewing patterns that are printed to your measurements.

MJTrends has you covered for faux leather fabric used in fashion making. Plus, use our custom-fit sewing patterns to take the guess-work out of your sewing patterns.

Tan vinyl fabric works for Cosplay or making glossy leather-like skirts. Not sure what pattern to use? Get our custom-fit pencil skirt pattern that is made to your measurements to ensure a perfect fit.

Metallic foil spandex with 4-way stretch in shiny silvery platinum. Create unitards for dancewear, swimwear, or clubwear similar to this evening club dress.

Metallic blue lame foil spandex with lots of 4-way stretch great for making dance-wear, leotards, or club dresses like this one.

Create slick vinyl fashions in tan color with MJTrends 4-way stretch khaki colored stretch vinyl. Get a perfect fitting pencil skirt using our custom-fit pencil skirt sewing pattern.

Clear plastic fabric lined with black leather trim to create a peplum that is worn over another longer skirt.

Clear plastic hooded jacket with pink trim. Make your own rainwear fashions using MJTrends clear vinyl and our fold-over pink bias tape.

Our black metallic foil spandex fabric can be made into anything from gloves, bodysuits, unitards, to floor length cosplay dresses.

Get a 16 inch non-separating zipper, 4-way stretch vinyl fabric, and custom-fit leggings sewing pattern made to your body measurements and MJTrends stretch fabrics and you two can have a pair of zip-through leggings at a fraction of the cost of buying it retail.

Clear plastic vinyl fabric can be used for anything from table and furniture covers to fashions like this long clear skirt with black vinyl trim.

Extend the length of MJTrends custom-fit short-shorts sewing pattern to recreate these oil-slick black vinyl bike shorts.

Make your own leather ruffle skirt from MJTrends faux leather black fabric and our custom-fit ruffle skirt sewing pattern that is printed to your measurements.

Use MJTrends custom-fit leggings pattern that is printed according to your measurements and our four way stretch liquid oil black vinyl fabric to create a perfect pair of leggings.

We love this customers use of our black and white pinstripe vinyl fabric to create a deep plunge, mini-ruffle, bodysuit with puff-cap sleeves and matching belt.

MJTrends faux leather fabric in red and black for making custom cosplay outfits.

Vamp it up at your next costume party by making your own custom-fit costume from MJTrends metallic-foil spandex fabric with ridiculous 4-way stretch.

Looking to make your own cosplay shiny catsuit? Use MJTrends 4-way stretch vinyl and our custom-fit catsuit sewing pattern printed according to your measurements.

Don't opt for an ill-fitting pair of cheap gloves that you buy sight-unseen! Make your own from MJTrends metallic black spandex fabric and your own measurements.

With MJTrends red veggie-leather fabric you can create dresses, leggings, and other fashions similar to dress worn here.

Cosplay crafters often use MJTrends latex sheeting to create costumes with a high-degree of stretch and that 'plastic' look. Metallic purple latex sheeting was used to make this Naruto cosplay latex design.

Checkout how our stretch spandex can create amazing looks via the way the material drapes and gathers. Elastic was applied at the arm curve to create a gathered effect.

With our metallic gold spandex stretchy fabric you can make dancewear or date-night fashions like this shiny metallic bodycon dress with plunging neckline and princess seams.